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  • ivanhoeofloxxly ivanhoeofloxxly Jul 6, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    Libscum think that you have "a right" to free medical. (but you don't)


    And they say that you don't have "a right" bear arms and own a gun. (but you do)
    Vuck the anti-American bloodsucking venomous lib commies and their evil bloodthirsty Marxist Mxslim monkey Messiah.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • If medical care should be a "right"; then so should legal care. I often need the advice of a lawyer but can't afford one; therefore it should be free. Tax accountants should be free to and don't get me started on plumbers.

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    • You wingers are some of the most useless, idiotic mental munchkins I have ever heard: You spout inane, sniveling idiocy about tyranny yet you never lived during the cold war or experienced what black Americans
      experienced at the same time.
      You talk through your cracks like you've somehow been hideously wronged by having health care yet you complain when you don't like the cost.
      You whine about the poor and taxes when in the past taxes were 70%, not 38%.
      You froth rabidly about how the country is being destroyed when in fact our country rose to its pinnacle of achievement when taxes were higher and we didn't have a problem with helping our fellow citizens. But you smile when we participate in wars.
      You whine about 30 hour weeks and blame the president when in fact it's your employer who is to blame for that.You spout self contradictory nonsense spoonfed by media and talking heads funded by the very 1%ers you decry. You know nothing about the constitution, and try to ignore American history and your own party's history.
      Then, you call yourself teabaggers then find out that it is a sex act.
      You deserve yourselves. What a wasted bunch of losers. In the mold of Simple Sarah, Juan McShame, Romney, Perry, Sanctorium, Pizza delivery guy, Commie Rubio, the list goes on for about 300 more names, my two typing fingers are sore. Keep up the whining, you'll need it in 2016.

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