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  • gfo99 gfo99 Jul 13, 2013 10:27 AM Flag

    House Republicans starving their own constituents?

    "House Republicans callously eliminated the food stamp program known as SNAP when they passed the farm bill on Thursday. Rather than helping hungry families put food on the table, Republicans were absolutely fine with giving millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to corporate agriculture. Essentially, the GOP said “we are giving money to corporations that produce food” and in the same breath said “too bad you won’t get to eat any of it, struggling American citizens.” So who stands to lose the most from the loss of this program, and did Republicans make a huge political error?
    Well, the answer to both questions is plain as day when one considers the chart below. According to Pew Research, by eliminating food stamps, House Republicans are mostly punishing people who live in the states they represent, thus screwing themselves in the process.
    As anyone can clearly see, the states affected the most by a loss of food stamps are run by Republican. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Maine, and Arkansas are all currently controlled by the GOP and their conservative economic policies. These policies have swept more and more people into poverty, thus increasing the need for food assistance. By killing SNAP, Republicans are denying their own constituents the food they need to keep from starving."

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