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  • gfo99 gfo99 Jul 14, 2013 9:12 AM Flag

    Y'all moving to Colorado? It's all white there.


    It contains all the colors of the rainbow, from white to white.*
    [ 183 ] July 11, 2013 | SEK

    Before you laugh, you should know that intellectual heavyweights like the Internet’s own Jeff Goldstein are a crucial part of the movement to make “North Colorado” the 51st state. The movement’s “willing to make our voices heard even while being labeled kooks and ‘fringe’ elements,” which is a good thing, since it sounds like something concocted by kooky fringe elements. Who are these people? Don’t know. But according to Jeff they

    represent a growing number of contiguous outlying counties that surround the Denver/Boulder doughnut hole owned by the hipsters and Democrats, and the many out-of-state (and illegally out-of-country) imports who have taken over Colorado government, at least for the time being[.]

    I wonder what those counties have in common? Let me see now:

    Kit Carson – 94.8 percent white
    Logan – 92.2 percent white
    Morgan – 92.8 percent white
    Phillips – 96.9 percent white
    Sedgewick – 96.0 percent white
    Washington – 96.2 percent white
    Weld – 93.4 percent white
    Yuma – 97.5 percent white

    They “represent” a group wants to form a state that will be on average 94.94 percent white. They specifically want to exclude urban areas like Denver County, which threatens their Great White Fever Dream with its 10.4 percent blackness. Not that their desire for a white state prevents them from explicitly comparing their plight to the Civil Rights Movement. Except if you scroll down, you’ll see that their new white state will require that “the streets run with blood like we’ve never seen before.” (That sounds ominous until you remember how low a benchmark that is for shut-ins like these.) So it’ll be just like the Civil Rights Movement, only with lots of guns and violence. I bet Jeff’s sitting at home right now thinking about rolling naked on the floor — I mean grappling – and choking the life from some dusky liberal relativist.

    Because there’s nothing racist about wanting to create a white state if it’s just an accident of ideology that everyone invested in its creation is white.

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