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  • gfo99 gfo99 Aug 17, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    Remember Lee Atwater?

    It was Lee Atwater who showed Republicans how to appeal to the racist vote without sounding racist. He was the refiner of the finally backfiring Republican Southern Strategy. Atwater taught Republicans how to hide the racism upon which the Southern Strategy was built.

    Today I made the mistake of joining in a trending topic by tweeting, “#WhySomePeopleAreDemocrats Because not everyone wants to wear a white hood while dragging women back to the cave.”

    How was I to know that a single tweet would start an onslaught of Republican outrage wherein they would try to educate me with a history lesson that started and stopped when the folks who are now Southern Republicans used to be Democrats?

    “@srjones66 are you #$%$? Liberals bully women just like they bully minorities. Open your eyes.”

    “@srjones66 @CanadasGinger Here is a history lesson . The DEMS starting the klan. so i guess you dont want to be a dem?”

    “@srjones66 your klan reference is weak – Klan members have always been Democrats.”

    “Actually, the people wearing white robes and hoods, and lynching n-words were #Democrats , baby! .@srjones66 .@TheDailyEdge”

    And my personal favorite, “@srjones66 get your facts straight – female entrepreneurs typically vote fiscally conservative and not long ago democrats were pro-slavery”

    That’s a heck of a lot of denial that Republicans are seen as the party of racism. This denial is accomplished via deflection to a historical reference that definitely makes Democrats of the 1860s look bad but has nothing to do with today’s GOP or Democratic Party. This deflection is going on being two centuries old. That’s pretty desperate.

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