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  • gfo99 gfo99 Aug 22, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    Is this like putting it in the water supply?


    You Can't Cover MY Contraception!

    Covering something is not the same as putting it in the water supply, okay?

    A Missouri legislator asked the federal court on Wednesday to exempt his family from contraception coverage through the state insurance plan, saying it violates his religious beliefs as a Catholic.

    Rep. Paul Wieland, R-Imperial, and his wife, Teresa, filed suit in U.S. District Court downtown against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and two other federal agencies. It asks the court to declare that the mandate for contraception coverage in the federal health-insurance law, known as Obamacare, violates their First Amendment freedom of religion.

    They qualify for the state health plan through his legislative service. Wieland, 50, is serving a third term in the House and has announced his candidacy for the Missouri Senate seat held by Sen. Ryan McKenna, D-Crystal City, who cannot run in 2014 because of term limits.

    Wieland said they were seeking a personal exemption from the contraception requirement, not a blanket ruling against the law. But he said a victory would give the same right to other, like-minded people.

    There is no actual way this is a thing. "You can cover everybody else, but not me, because if you hold out the possibility of paying for it, it will force my wife to get gay abortions, or something, and Jesus will cry." I do not UNDERSTAND. I don't need coverage for prostate cancer yet my health plan provides it, and you don't see me going in there yelling about how I don't have a prostate so I don't need the coverage and exempt me from it and ... what, give me my six cents for that particular part of it back?

    I hope I will never have to use the coverage I get for half the #$%$ that could go wrong with my body. What is the problem with just not using it, and going on about your day? Does the mere thought of birth control make you want to sex your secretary, mailman, kid's second grade teacher? Is th$

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