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  • arrs20 arrs20 Sep 1, 2013 7:20 PM Flag

    I must say I agree with Obamer this time.

    Get congress involved. My opinion is mixed too. I guess I say stay out of middle east.
    chill them all let their God sort them out. Either way we go we will loss.
    We have enough Americans dead or crippled. Time the wealthy send their kids to war not ours.
    That said I will still defend this country fully if I see the need.

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    • Involving congress was the right thing to do. America doesn't need another headlong rush to war. Debate it vigorously. Try to do the right thing.

      If Putin, Iran, Assad and Hezbollah view that as weakness then they are fools.

      Maybe Obama can use the time to build a coalition, If this thing is an international effort, then a message is sent. Otherwise, it's just us lobbing missiles and bombs at folks. U.N is out but NATO might be doable.

      Being a war hawk doesn't make you a loyal Republican. It makes you a war hawk.

    • abummer is hoping congress will tell him no. That way he can get out of the mess he created and try to blame them. I think everybody is well aware of his cowardice and lackadaisical attitude.

    • Arrs,if a draft was in place, I'd agree with you. But since this is an all volunteer military, the young folks had the option.

    • I demand the immediate withdrawal of all US interest forthwith from Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else we may be in the middle east. Forget about them and let God do whatever with them. Only insure a free flow of oil at market prices and security and safety of our own people.

      A two time voluntary Vietnam veteran fed up with this country trying to police the world and it's military adventurism. We can't afford this anymore... Everybody hates our guts anyway...

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