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  • tcmom1941 tcmom1941 Sep 8, 2013 2:30 PM Flag

    INDY - Your post of August 29th is worthy of reposting

    "Indepenedenceday • Aug 29, 2013

    The debate over Syria symbolizes how the right wing in the United States uses its racist attitude to
    undermine President Obama. First they complain that Obama is weak and the international community will not take him seriously unless he attacks Syria. Then when it looks like the President is about to launch cruise missles, the right wing says either it is a weak response or it is too expensive to risk another war. You see when you deal with racists it really doesn't matter what you do because they will always cast everything the President does as a negative. That is why no one in America takes the right wing seriously any more.":

    Indy, Thanks for all you do to be the voice of truth and reason on this board.

    TC Mom

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    • Dufus, It has already been scientifically established that liberal men are weaker and more cowardly than conservatives. The world is laughing at abummer and even some liberals are calling him a coward. It has also been established historically that liberals are the real racists. Liberals held the slaves and conservatives fought to free them. Only democrats were members of the KKK, not republicans. Liberals keep the black man down, not conservatives. We could care less what color abummer is (though personally I think he is kind of pink and yellow); and most of us would have gladly supported Herman Cain. No one in the world takes abuumer seriously anymore.

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