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  • royaltycruises royaltycruises Jun 13, 2010 3:29 PM Flag

    Do we have silence?

    Maybe miracles do happen. Everyone we have clinical trials starting soon and we also are moving to London. Keep your eye on KKUR. As I said it is worth putting 100 or 200 bucks for the just in case this does work out. If we go to a penny your 100 bucks will be worth 10k!

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    • dude, you are hell bent to believe that this is worthy company and if that's what you wanna believe, you go girl. No amount of pictures, testimony or sec litigation is gonna sway you. So have at it.

      however, I will monitor and comment on the ridiculous inaccuracies you are spewing to continually keep the investing public informed of what is really going on. My hope is that my posts will encourage investors to file complaints with the SEC, and that the SEC will actually get off their porn watchin arses and do something productive for once.

      So far your post are empty of content and all you seem to be able to quote is what Welch has written. If that's all you can find, yer not really grabbin a clue yet.

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