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  • DRtightwad DRtightwad Mar 5, 1999 10:14 AM Flag

    Deleted Message

    I found that link from the Com 21 {CMTO} thread
    as they as I understand failed with their initial
    attempt to get the DOCSIS compliance rating {which they
    need prior to mass production}. I understand that they
    should pass the next go-around in about 4 weeks. {I
    suspect they need a software tweak to be compliant}. I
    posted the link bc Com 21 is associated with 8x8's
    Audacity technology and view the news that DOCSIS cable
    modems will be coming into the mainstream very soon as
    relevant to 8x8's business model. Knowing that 8x8 is very
    conservative with their press releases, I also suspect they
    will not issue a release without a hard order. I am
    looking {so is Fidelity} for hard evidence of Audacity
    orders as I think that will attract other investors to
    the stock; thus, elevating the price. Mr market wants
    to see evidence of revenue rampup and I think a
    press release showing a huge hard order for Audacity
    {DOCSIS cable modem} will cause the stock to replay the
    December 3rd movement.

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    • Watch this fly in the next month or so... we will
      be back to 5 in a matter of seconds when the reality
      hits the street. I look for a repeat of the Dec.
      action as this is finalized, and we will move up from
      there. This is probably the best investment opportunity
      we will see this YEAR!! Oh sure there will be lots
      of poppers, but 8x8 will be a real mover...
      buy...hold.... and ENJOY!!



      • 1 Reply to HowWeBe
      • Bought more at 3 7/8. Intraday TA looked real
        good; definited buying opportunity with most indicators
        turing up from very OS condition. Also, the lack of
        interest level as shown by the number of posts here and
        today's anemic volume is good contrarian sign. With the
        on-going consolidation of big guys like Intel (who
        happened to buy my Shiva and Chip and Technology) and
        Lucent buying smaller player in the communication
        related industry, the risk of buying EGHT at current
        level is a good risk. FYI, I've been trading EGHT since
        the October 1997 with that infamous Finklestein
        article on Barrons.

        Good luck to all longs and
        don't lose faith!

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