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  • yahoo yahoo May 8, 2005 2:30 AM Flag

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    • we are Mexican Investment Club. Como estas? we
      are not associated with the GIC. we have been to
      germany. Please don't beleive a word we say. we are still
      just watching. we will buy a few dozen shares when the
      time is right. we think 8X8 will become a part of a
      bigger burrito soon. okay bye

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      • What a bunch of bullshit. I proved astology to be
        bullshit, any of you T/A people want to take the Butthead
        on? Call it in the air. :)

        Now here's some
        REAL T/A. For all the whiners out there about how
        awful this stock is and how inept management is. You
        know who you are. Take a look at the chart. Go

        Ignoring the volatility, I think we would all agree that
        the stock turned the corner back on September first,
        after bottoming at 1 3/4. Since then it's been a steady
        but volatile climb. As of 6/4 (before the recent
        little runup) the stock was holding a base of 4 1/2. So,
        since September 1, that's up 157%.

        Let's compare
        that to some of the bellweathers over the same time
        period: CSCO: up $174% LU: up 121% MSFT: up 90% INTC: up
        57% IBM: up 98%

        Yep. Had you bought all of
        these in addition to EGHT on that dark day last summer,
        only CSCO would have outperformed it since then, and
        that only barely.

        Hey NNup, how has your
        portfolio done since then? Bet it hasn't outperformed this
        "shit stock" all use losers are

        Notice how after each little pop EGHT comes down a
        little less than it did after the previous pop? The
        support level continues to rise. Look at the chart. The
        price bounces off support at $2.25 on 10/14/98, $2.7 on
        11/24/98, $3.70 on 3/29/99, $4.30 on 5/17/99, and $4.50
        last week. This is a 9-month trend -- long enough that
        I feel safe in attaching some significance to it.
        As in more buy interest than sell interest for nine
        months. If we simply maintain this level of interest,
        support will be at about $9.00 in September

        EGHT's stock is like a balloon with a little pinhole in
        it. Every once in awhile somebody (GIC??) all the
        sudden comes along and puffs in a little air. Then it
        slowwwwwwwly leaks out. The puffs seem to be coming more and
        more frequently; the balloon is getting

        That's about as far as I want to take that


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