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  • yahoo yahoo May 8, 2005 2:37 AM Flag

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    • that YAHOO and others experienced a data error
      last week as now both analysts are showing on the

      ps: several posts ago someone was questioning the
      long term benefits of 8x8 while the poster was
      mentioning the biz......well I for one can atest
      to using the free services at as I
      recently signed on to keep in touch with long distance
      friends without the long distance charges. Although their
      service does work, I must say the QOS {quality of
      service} is way below the current switched circuits the
      current telephone companies use today {voice is delayed,
      many echoes, and break-ups are common when using the service is free so I guess you get what you
      pay for}
      8x8's next show {clecs} starts tomorrow.

    • > anybody else notice that 8x8 is now covered
      > only 1 analyst with a buy rating?

      happened to look today and Yahoo has 2 covering
      one hold and one buy. Either the missing
      was a data error or they pulled their
      around the earnings report, probably a
      data error.

    • I checked Schwab's analyst info and they have

      First Call citing 2 analysts with HOLD ratings
      course, some take attractive as a weak buy
      some as a
      hold). The date of this First Call
      report is Oct.
      20 1999 - today - so it apparently

      Yahoo uses Zacks I think, so I can't say
      Zacks has fresher info, Yahoo misrepresented
      data or who knows?

    • I'm expecting.

    • I don't like you (yes, you!). You make me crazy. Get out from under my skin.

    • forward_looking_statements_man forward_looking_statements_man Oct 20, 1999 10:26 AM Flag


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      • Bodes well for the numbers about to come out. Any
        guesses out there?? I am expecting around a loss of .16,
        but it could be better than that. Haven't seen any
        wisper numbers lately, I figure with the increase of
        shares the loss will be smaller since it is spread over
        more shares, but still expect another losing Qtr.
        (like DUH!).
        As we enter the next qtr. it is time
        for this company to begin turning this ship around,
        that means we need to see some more contracts and some
        progress on the current projects, that or else Emerald is
        going to look pretty foolish! I suspect we will get
        some news shortly after the qtr. is released, and if
        they have gotten it together the price will begin a
        steady climb to run through February. By then we should
        have a real picture of the direction, and hopefully we


        P.S. Any other guesses out there about the numbers??

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