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  • sellfool sellfool Oct 18, 2010 11:16 AM Flag

    After EARNINGS !

    Even if earnings are flat we have the warrant issue to be dealt with. EXTRA CASH IS ALWAYS GOOD.

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    • Now that earnings are out, any guesses if we drop and if so how much? I know its all guesswork but would be interested to hear as I'm kinda in the same boat as wulfdad.

      Thanks, Sal

    • I agree with Redcabin. This is not a good trading stock. It seems to trade in a very narrow range. I think the real play is 1-2 years as small business starts to grow again and needs this type of product to lower their costs. Traders would be better off with more the mortgage insurers or etfs that have even higher betas.

    • Don't usually like to tell people what to do especially with their money (because I hate when people try to do it to me), but since you asked. I think the numbers will beat expectaions, but with this small company and the strange market, there could easily be a sell off as some predict. The kicker will be any forward guidance and/or big announcements which could cause this stock to jump. What I would do is buy 1/2 of the position you want to hold now, and 1/2 after earnings so that you do not miss too badly if there is a drop or a jump after earnings. In my opinion, in a quarter, it won't matter if you bought @ 2.33, 2.26, or 2.47, when the stock is over 3.00 or 4.00. I do not trade this stock (1 year solid hold) because I have an itchy feeling that if I do, that will be the moment that the EGHT ship will decide to sail without me. Good luck if you try to time it.

    • I concur with this. Stocks typically drop within days after earnings release(good or bad, unless stellar).

      I would probably wait a week or so as it settles down and establishes a base.

      I've holding long but just because I've been long a long time. Never expected this stock to pull out of it. Now that it is and theirs potential for long term growth, might as well hold long...

    • I would wait until after the earnings. Any gain in performance will have been factored in. A pullback after earnings wouldnt surprise me.

    • I guess earnings come in within expectations or slightly better.

      Question is, how much of a stock price drop will naturally occur after days/a week of the announcement. In other words, how many retail & intstitutions are wanting to take profits after earnings ride up is over?

      I've owned EGHT 15K shrs for about 2 yrs @$1.85

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      • in the last couple of days...alot of companies are showing good earnings-with stock sell-offs...its alot of short term people taken profits...for short term traders-i can understand selling on the news...these same people will be back in-if the news keeps matter what the earnings are-i would expect a sell-off...because of the quick move we have had up...unless they announce big new contracts...possiablly with the government...justa thought

    • If we can go up .15 today with no news. I don't see how we won't pop at least .40 on good earnings.

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      • I think we all expect good earnings and even if the earnings are flat they are still good. In these economically difficult times it is just FANTASTIC the steady growth the company has been able to accomplish. Don't get me wrong a double on earnings would be wonderful but there is so so much more growth to come for EGHT. It will be everything people imagined 10 years ago and then some.

        Good Luck All

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