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  • neoware03 neoware03 Sep 12, 2013 4:50 PM Flag

    ibm and nfc....but how do they get from the nfc to datacenter/internet and client security? oh, need some 8x8? wag

    Instrumented and interconnected systems that strengthen customer relationships

    A smart mobile device becomes a smart wallet when it is enabled for near field communication (NFC). IBM helped invent NFC, including the cryptography that keeps it secure. Smart wallets also need a trusted service manager (TSM) to enable them. IBM CoreSCMS (Smart Card Management System), which already powers mobile payments, provides the platform to enable trusted service management.

    Additional mobile banking solutions which extend the value and capability of smart wallets include:
    IBM® WebSphere® Mobile Portal, a device-independent development platform which allows banks and retailers to write once and render over multiple devices and applications.
    Micro location-based services that allow information, services and applications to be delivered in a variety of locations.
    IBM Master Data Management (MDM), the first multi-domain, multi-function MDM product in the market, packaged to address all types of MDM implementations.

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    • wonder if an apple would use text to device with voip messaging ss7 permission for a transaction? got to look at the skeletal pr again. thoughts/

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      • ok , maybe this is a cheaper way? any phne could do ios7 coming out....would be a interesting development: ' Aspects of 8x8’s invention are directed to a telephony system that is adapted to receive, route, process, and deliver communications data using a cost-effective, user-friendly operations platform and a broadband communication network. For example, the system includes a computer server arrangement and a plurality of endpoint devices communicatively coupled to one or more communication channels comprising an Internet protocol (IP) network. Packet-based (VoIP) calls are transmitted over an IP network, and translated to standard PSTN call signals when necessary. '

        call made from the device you're interfacing with , passing thru/routed/processed/ marked up by your device like with the password, gets approval from your piggy bank, says ok , like ss7 and you get the product? other iterations , prepay phone with prepaid amount of credit so the communications is just between the device and your phone? wag. either way, yahoo....where's the amex/visa guys? in Kansas? oh, cosentry? lol

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