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  • DRtightwad DRtightwad Jul 29, 1998 9:27 AM Flag

    8X8ER'S What do you think about 3com ne

    Looks like the relationship is getting better and
    I view that as being very positive for both
    companies especially little EGHT. Pre-market trading shows
    a nice "pop" for today's open.,,,looks like it may
    open at 4 and 7/16......not too shabby.

    anybody else notice that EGHT delivered no "warning" with
    last week's earnings. {unlike the last time when they
    warned of system sales being soft as the channels were
    stuffed for holiday season}...Remember, 8x8's strong
    quarters are the second and the 2 cents

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    • I agree with you. EGHT gets credibility, but 3Com will probably be a very controling lead and reap more benefits. But, even with a big dollar cost averaging move recently, I'm still in the red.

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      • Those sentiments were affirmed by executives of
        two Silicon Valley chip companies presenting at the
        Forum, 8x8, Inc. (Nasdaq:EGHT -
        news) and VLSI
        Technology (Nasdaq:VLSI - news) each of whom suggested order
        activity is returning to normalcy after
        slides in the first half of the
        The above was extracted from a recent press release
        about the recent investment show last weekend. "Order
        activity is returning to normalcy after signicant slides
        in the first half of the year"

        And many
        posters here feel EGHT's marketing is weak / Now both
        COMS and EGHT will co-market videoconferencing
        products which should give EGHT a shot in the arm.

      • Good news and a correspondinly good pop for EGHT.
        Alot of shares have traded recently around 4.00. I
        have also noticed that activity on this board has been
        down so I think the short termers sold out and moved
        on. Now those that were long or lucky on EGHT have a
        chance to take 20% on shares they traded a couple of
        days ago. It would be tempting not to sell. That
        should create the kind of activity we see today. On this
        volume eght should be forming a new base around 4 7/8.
        Near and midterm financial fundamentals haven't
        changed all that much but, news is definitely more
        substantial and better. I believe that for this upcoming qtr
        we will see eght drift between 4.50 and
        forming a solid base of shareholders in this price range.
        Things that can affect this range are a big insider
        purchase, big analyst upgrade (not likely) or buy out
        announcement. I see little that can effect downside pressure
        other than overall market pressure. From my technical
        understanding of the product and industry I see competitive
        risk as minimal. Always looking for supporting or
        contrarian opinions. And as always IMHO.

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