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    • I requested to see the ViaTV which was advertised
      on their flyer.
      It was selling at $400 and has a
      $150 rebate if you purchase a pair.

      I was
      looking at this product as a potential consumer. I have
      2000 shares of this stock and am considering about
      increasing my position depending how excited I will be with
      the product as a consumer.

      The thing that
      held me back from buying was the fact that this
      machine has a throughput of 28K baud only. I thought I
      would wait when they could deliver it with a 56K baud
      model which is the industry standard now. If they could
      deliver a model with this speed, it would be worth a buy
      as the 15 frames/second still looks jerky. You would
      need at least 24 frames/second for the video to appear
      normal to the human eye and if they can transmit it at
      twice the speed, the 24 frames/sec is attainable.

      I would not be surprise if they are already
      developing such a model if they are not rolling it out

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      • You will never see 56K baud, not because 8x8's
        product can't handle it, because the infrastructure of
        the phone lines won't. 56K is actually a one-way baud
        rate. Even if you link up with a 56K baud modem, you
        can only download at 56k. Uploading is 33.6 max, and
        your modem automatically sets the baud rate depending
        on the quality of the connnection. Invariably, this
        is something less than adequate to support 33.6K.
        So, you are typically sending data much slower than
        you might think. The 8x8 chip is certainly not
        limited to 28K, but the modem inside the box might be.
        Otherwise, it could be upgraded with a software download if
        56K ever became a two-way reality. However, it is
        extremely unlikely the phone company will upgrade all their
        neighborhood boxes just for more bandwidth. The next step will
        be coax or fiber.

      • Southern Bell only guarentee's 14.4k and I get 26.4 to 36.6 sometimes when I'am lucky. Most of Florida is in a dire need of a real phone company.

        Good luck everyone and have a happy New Year.

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