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  • DRtightwad DRtightwad Jun 9, 1999 2:41 PM Flag

    Somebody give that boy some

    although most activity is RETAIL {individuals like us} it
    is good to see professional money coming into the

    {anybody else notice the volume and price spike around 1}

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    • Buy, before the institutes buy !!

      sorry, but later more informations


      • 1 Reply to German_Investors_Club
      • For leadballoon and others:

        Please don't
        miss the real lesson here: don't be gullible. Don't
        invest based on things you read OR infer from what you
        read on these boards. The fact is that I have nothing
        to fear from what I posted on the Yahoo board
        (without revealing too much, I can tell you that I know a
        thing or two about securities law. The truth is that
        the people who should be terrified are those who read
        so much into these Yahoo boards. If I could
        establish credibility as a "reliable EGHT poster" in three
        days and convince you (or others) that a company that
        was sucking wind was going to buy out a company that
        was almost its size, any person should be able to
        make you believe anything. Trust only that which you
        can verify otherwise you'll be a victim someday. You
        are equally naive if you think that the SEC is going
        to go after every person that posts false
        information (or posts a question asking whether anyone can
        confirm an unsubstantiated rumor) - if it did the whole
        GIC would be behind bars for leading the lemmings on
        this board off the cliff. As I might have said
        yesterday "do your do dilijentz"

        It is often said
        that you shouldn't believe what you read on these
        boards, but the sad truth is that greed compels people to
        think they are getting hot information. Just look at
        the number of fools on this board (are you reading
        this eightisenuf?) that wait for the latest post from
        the GIC.

        I think this will be the last you'll
        hear from me under this alias for a while, but I'll
        probably post again under another alias -- maybe one I've
        used before so you don't know who it is.


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