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  • tooextreme4tv tooextreme4tv Dec 11, 2009 8:20 AM Flag

    Comparison of CYCC and SNSS

    Posted by: mcbio Date: Friday, December 11, 2009 12:21:03 AM
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    Re: SNSS fully-diluted market cap (vs. CYCC)

    Quote:I think if you convert the preferred and warrants to common the marketcap is fairly close to 300 M.

    Well that seems downright absurd then IMHO for a company that is pretty much down to just one drug. I like to compare SNSS to CYCC since they're both really just focused on one drug for elderly AML patients that's in Phase 2 trials. The data for their respective drugs are a bit hard to compare as I believe that in the single-agent trials of each company's drug, SNSS only utilized previously untreated AML patients whereas 20% of the AML patients in CYCC's Phase 2 trial were at first relapse (i.e., more difficult to treat). As one data comparison point, one of the best arms in SNSS's trial had median surival of 8.7 months versus about 7 months for CYCC. Also, SNSS got 1-year survival of 38% whereas the best arm for CYCC got 35%. So, again, slightly better for SNSS but roughly comparable and important to note that a portion of the CYCC trial had patients with more advanced disease. However, I think the big point of differentiation between the two drugs is that CYCC's drug is oral. Despite that, on a fully-diluted basis, CYCC appears to be trading at roughly one-tenth the market cap of SNSS. Now, it's important to note that CYCC may undergo some significant dilution in the near-term if they can't find a partner for sapacitabine, but, as things stand today, I'm glad I'm long CYCC and not SNSS.

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