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  • panalta2000 panalta2000 Apr 1, 2010 6:59 PM Flag

    AML Stocks: SNSS or CYCC ( Correction)

    I have traded both SNSS and CYCC and done very well Both target the AML market. However, CYCC ($2.35) is the better buy right now IMO for the following reasons:

    1) Market capitalization:
    On fully diluted basis, CYCC has 31 Million shares while SNSS has 110 Million. So SNSS has current $105 MM market cap while CYCC has $70 MM market cap. If CYCC had the same market cap as SNSS it would be $3.50 per share.

    2) CYCC has an oral cancer PILL, compared to SNSS which is delivered by injection. CYCC's results have been every bit as impressive as SNSS, prompting comparisons to DNDN. If Hedge Funds get excited over SNSS injection drug, just think how excited they will get by a cancer PILL with spectacular results.

    3) CYCC filed the Special Protocal Phase 3 trial proposal with the FDA and this should be approved any day.

    CYCC sapacitbanine's intended market, the CEO said:
    "...about 2 billion in sales - half a billion in liquid cancer and over one and a half billion in solid tumors - is about to go off patent and all of these drugs are given intraveneously. This is the landscape that this oral agent can potentially become a major player and therefore create dramatic upside."

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