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  • mastermerlins mastermerlins Sep 17, 2010 4:16 PM Flag

    Let me Help you Guys Out..

    Sunesis ...
    1:- Had to be $1 and Trading above this for 10 Trading Days before September 27, 2010... Correct..?

    2:- So its obvious that this cannot be acheived, anymore..? Correct..?

    Not even by the Means of a Reverse Split..! Why..? Because their is not 10 Trading Days left before the September 27, 2010 Deadline..!

    Now.. I dont think Anybody Here, not even the Bashers would Dare Say that they would let themeselves be Delisted before Performing a Reverse Split..! Would you.. Second Thoughts about this... Bashers would say anything..!
    But think about this..! If you were part of the Sunesis Management Team.. What would you do..?
    By all means ... Reverse Split Before Delist..! Thats what I would do..!

    So this takes us to the conclusion... They didnt Reverse Split because they are not at this Juncture, yet.. They are going to get an Extension and they are going to Start Phase 3 in October.. Amongst other Catalysts.. I hope this Analysis helps.. And dont be Naive.. Dont let them scare you off your shares.. Or let them.. Either Way .. I got some more today @ .4094..! Could of had them Even Cheaper but pulled the Trigger..! Does not matter.. I have Full Confidence of what I have Said Above..! Also .38 was the Low.. And I have some of those..!

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