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  • croesus_intervention croesus_intervention Nov 10, 2010 11:41 PM Flag

    Dinner was quite good... Oh wait, you wanna hear about SNSS, not my Filet Mignon

    Well, it was an intriguing meeting. Met Dan and Eric and a whole bunch of other people from SNSS. The presentation was a quick review of the latest trial data and a look at how the Phase III trial will be structured to give it the most flexibility to include more patients in the trial in the event that the DSMB determines there is not quite enough statistical significance. This allows more patients into the trial after it has begun in order to make the trial potentially a success. No, it's not fudging the data. It is extending the data base in case they are in a threshold range that needs more patients to define the stats better.

    The interesting part were the people in attendance. Many very professional biotech analysts (an MD-Ph.D, a Ph.D in Genetics and others who were very savvy). I also sat next to Dominique Semon. He is a long (and big time) time investor here and has an investment firm involved with Sunesis (Merlin -Nexus). There were other investors there as well. The entire event was very professionally run and I came away with a sense of a deep commitment to get Vosaroxin approved for the treatment of AML. THAT was the take home message here. The stock price was barely discussed. It really comes down to the science and it remains to be seen if a R/S is necessary next year or not. The Phase III trial will "not start on 12/31". In other words it will begin BEFORE the end of the 4th quarter. That was made very clear to me tonight. It will be very soon. I can say that these guys are VERY serious about getting this trial running properly and have a good group of physicians involved. They aren't fly by night kinda guys. Smart, earnest, sophisticated and genuinely want to get this product to help those with the disease. The stock price will naturally move in the proper direction once the drug has evidence of success in Phase III. For those looking to make a quick buck - this is NOT the place to be but if you are willing to wait it out (yes, 2 years or so) there is likely to be a very big payoff.

    Oh, the crabcake appetizer and the filet mignon were great with roasted potatoes, spinach and a medley of desserts (Tiramisu, cheesecake, flourless chocolate cake, and apple crumb pie for those foodies here).

    I am sticking it out after meeting these guys personally tonight. As for all the dilution issues- it can be argued they went about it poorly but in the end they got what they needed to move forward and we will all probably benefit in the long run. Hopefully I won't be eating these words in 2 years.

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    • I "have the indecency to rant on about me having BPD?" I simply asked you a question (I don't consider that a rant) and explained many times that I said "BPD" as a joke (the basher pumper disorder- do you get the joke?) because you changed your opinion about SNSS dramatically that day. So your antipathy to my noticing your sudden reversal surprised me. You continually say I am a liar which I am not and have never been on this board. You can change your opinion any time you want to but when you do it on a board expect people to notice it when there is no basis for the change of opinion. Don't feel sorry for me. But do me favor- just stop posting nonsense and lies about me. I never met anyone as disturbed as you in my life on a MB. Don't respond to this and we will call it a truce. If you think I am sick you are entitled to that opinion as well. Arguing with you about this is simply a no win situation for me. I actually treat and heal the sick for a living for over 34 years.
      Yes, I made a simple joke about your change of opinion and you proceeded to continuously call me a liar, threaten SEC investigations, claimed civil liberties violations, told me I will Burn in Hell and then claimed I have control with a cabal of others here to manipulate this stock. Quite a series of responses from you. Have a Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

    • I said to look at my posts...prior and after your BPD...YOU are so arrogant that you can't tell the truth...YOU started all of this..I don't ahve any disorder...and YOU can bad mouth me all you want til the end of time...but i wished you and yours a Merry Christmas and you have the indecency to rant on about me having BPD? plainly and simply you are sick and I feel very sorry for you. Please don't message me again, you are a little man, and you just hsowed everyone how little you are. I sincerely thought you were more of a man than that. I can change my opinion anytime I want from pro to don't own me or this thrills for you, huh? this get you off? I'll say it again, you're sick.

    • Yeah, Capt. You are right. I suppose I should do that now that you have discovered my secret as a result of suggar's serious investigating! I will now move the stock price up to 5 dollars on Monday (if suggar agrees that is the price he wants). I am flexible since I control the entire market and work with Bernie Madoff (even from jail he manages to control the market). Now if I could only control the frickin options market as well... oh well, one market at a time. Have a nice weekend Capt!

    • creosus,turn loose the dogs of war and allow us to soar.i know youve been holding it back.sugga told me so.

    • I own 4000 shares of AMRN...bought back in July...13,000 shares of AEZS, it was raided badly back in June/July and I was under water but I'm long term on that and VERY happy I stuck with it.

    • Thanks Bones. I have looked at AEZS but opted (no pun intended) to make a short play with KERX and now I am the happy(???) owner of 10K shares of that stock because thsoe puts i sold closed ITM. Oh well... live an learn. Hopefully I can still make a little money with KERX next week and look at AEZS. Now with regard to AMRN- there is some potential there.

    • you too, Croseus. I do not like to mention off topics but since you mentioned KERX I mentioned a couple weeks back about AEZS @ $1.54 at the time...up significantly today and has had a very good week. Has been 'pumped' by Seeking Alpha but it is more than that. MD will help you appreciate the pipeline. And that is certainly MY OPINION not a reccomendation to buy...DD required.

    • Have a great weekend Bones. I just got assigned shares of KERX since my option trade managed to screw me over (sold naked Puts 2 weeks ago never expecting the price of KERX to drop about 30% with good news! ) Hopefully I can get out of this on Monday and not turn "a trade into an investment" as SNSS is turned out to be! lol!

    • My country, my opinion. Considering you are the one that practically everyone tells to STFU, I would think maybe you might want to change your OPINIONS.But if you want to be the lone wolf, per se, then go ahead. But you8 are simply an embarassment. AND i don't lie about stocks.

    • Pretty open ended question. Of course I have lied (especially when telling patients I know who have terminal cancer and try to give them some hope that there is always a chance of remission). Hope makes them feel better in most cases. Have I ever lied on this board about Sunesis and what interactions I have had with others involved in this company? The answer is simple... NO. So drop it please.

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