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  • lillfleur lillfleur Oct 5, 2012 1:43 PM Flag

    Whether it goes up from here or not...

    I'm out with a profit. After 3 yrs holding SNSS, I'm finally out. This stock worried me frequently. I might be tempted back in but only for a quick trade and with a pretty tight stop.

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    • You have a classic case of anchoring… you waited 3 years to barely break even(maybe some profit), yet you sell when the fundamentals tell you that SNSS is going much higher. You never had a thesis for your initial investment in SNSS, hence selling at around your breakeven point. This is why many lose in the market. If I were you, I would have held on for another 2 years when SNSS will be trading in the 20s.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • The major assumption of course is that the VALOR trial will ultimately be a success. When you have a drug trial like this the final results determine the value , not the Interim result which simply gives you a clue that it MIGHT be slightly useful. The other issue is that it is being used in conjunction with the SOC drug ARA-C and when you have a dual drug trial like this using ARA-C with Vosaroxin the results are sometimes not as good as a stand alone drug. If the trial is successful you might also have a sell on the news situation like HGSI and DNDN so any reasonable profits you can make on this would be in your best interest. Or with the newly found status as a stock with options now you could leverage yourself and buy some calls if you know the options market and how that works. I regret having sold SNSS for a huge loss 2 years ago in retrospect. Live and learn...

      • Thanks. I agree about the anchoring. But I did make about $4,000 profit on my SNSS investment today. I'll be watching SNSS. I've been burned by a number of pharmaceutical stocks with a lot of promise that crashed in one day (GNVC for example). I'd rather get in and out with a profit multiple times than take the chance of getting stuck. I did have a thesis for my initial investment in SNSS but it didn't involve three years of decline and a reverse split. My current thesis is that anything can happen and I may or may not invest in SNSS again.

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