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  • mauricethepantsman mauricethepantsman Nov 15, 2012 8:01 AM Flag

    studythosestocks -

    You've been quiet through this downward spiral we have witnessed. Any insight/observations of what is transpiring with SNSS? I know that there is a lot of selling going on with regards to the risk of having the capital gains percentage going up next year because of the fiscal cliff negotiations, or lack of them. Could use a little uplifting news here! LOL. Thanks for your comments in advance.

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    • I wish I could give you a little good news. Sunesis is the same excellent company that they have been. Now at least they are financially more sound than ever before, the Valor trial is moving forward at a faster pace than ever before with more sites open. From my calculations, they will have data readout in Feb 2014 if they can keep moving at the pace that they currently are going. I was a little disappointed that they did not make a PR on the Millenium Takeda patent at a time that we were technically correcting but such is life.

      I went all cash for the first time in many years the day after the election. I was substantially leveraged in SNSS and ATRS. I still think both of those companies are very strong growth companies with potential for being multibaggers in the next few years. The problem is the issues economically that you are aware of. I think panic will set in by end of November if significant progress is not made. I think ATRS could easily be down in the low 3's by EOY as well as SNSS.

      I currently have a position in AMRN who has a decision on an NCE of their NDA drug tomorrow. I've got a plan in place if they don't get it as well as if they do get it. It could go either way but my research shows that they get it. If it hits, I'll wait for the buy out and exit the markets again. If they don't get it, I'll price avg in and be stuck for several months most likely.

      I don't have any skin in the game currently but an oil company called Hyperdynamics should report on Monday that they have a deal in place with Total. I think after the announcement that they definitely go north of 1.15 (currently at about 80 cents). This is a play with 5:3 odds IMO that they get it but I can't find any info on this to see how talks are progressing. AMRN looks good from my research and I have a plan for either a postive or negative report.

      If you can hang on to SNSS until unblinding, you will be fine, The best scenario would be to add incrementally again on the dips in the months to come. I currently have anything under 4.50 as oversold but that means nothing in these markets.

      I'll be back hopefully soon and start staking my claim again but I had to take profits before end of this and didn't want to lose all my gains before the new tax laws next year kick in.

      Hold strong my friend. You will be rewarded!

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