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  • studythosestocks studythosestocks Jul 2, 2013 9:13 PM Flag

    Directors exercising shares left and right (lots of form 4)

    Quiet period started on July 1st so last chance to exercise their options for some time or hear much discussion from the company.

    Expect it to be pretty silent until CC in early August from mngmt.

    Currently very close to fully enrolling Valor. Should have it complete in 2 to 3 weeks bur will most likely not hear from management on this until CC.

    Word on the street is that LI-1 (Vosaroxin arm only) will continue into next patient increase (not hearing anything about efficacy) but apparently doing some good and very safe profile so going longer with study.

    I only got 10% of the amount of shares I wanted to accumulate. May see some fluctuation in next month but after August conference call we go over 6 and hold. Hoping to buy on any significant drops.

    Congrats to all those who have been adding on dips. I have not played this as well as I should but SNSS is a whole different company than 2 years ago. I expect minimum 20% bump in the next 8 weeks.

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    • Getting close to six and not even Aug CC yet. I stick to my earlier post that we go over 6 and hold. If we are expecting 30% increase on V only arm in LI-1, that is a little higher than I thought. I strongly feel that mono arm continues but nothing will be reported on % survival at this point. Good luck all and congrats on making some good money today.

    • Let me get this have only 10% of what you want but expect a minimum of 20% increase in value. That leads one to believe that you have no money, need a serious loan or are trying to do a little pumping (for whatever reason).

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Your first assumption that I do not have endless amounts of funds to invest in promising companies is correct.

        I'm not a fan of the loan and certainly not pumping.

        Just stating the information I have found through research or through other public forums that may be a little harder to find. I'm not on the money at times esp. with the way WS will react to some company events. Just passing on information that may be helpful to those making investment decisions. I've followed the Sunesis story closely for many years. If you think my efforts are insincere feel free to hit the iggy button on my posts. No hurt feelings.

    • Thanks for the head up. It does seem that almost everyone who could exercised their options. Haven't seen something like this in a long time. You say you heard the monotherapy arm will be expanded. Nothing about the combination therapy arm? The enrollment was only a third of the monotherapy arm, according to the last info I saw. An enrollment increase in either or both arms might put some fire into the pps, but I'll patiently see this thru to the end. I've been slowly averaging up for years and really don't mind the short term fluctuations.

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