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  • fuchujoe fuchujoe Jul 26, 2013 1:10 AM Flag

    Any thoughts?

    Question for the board- What do you make of the move on Thursday? Because of time difference, I'm not able to keep track of the stock movement in real time. When I last saw snss, the volume and price movement was pathetic, .02 on under 20000 shares, after over an hour of trading. I went to sleep believing that there would be no carry thru from the previous day. Needless to say I was happily surprised. I don't think the spike is because of the street article, the day before. Any informed guesses? Thanks in advance

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    • Anticipation of LI-1 mono arm continuation - that's the news we expect to hear soon, and that represents the tougher of the two LI-1 studies perhaps. From previous studies, vosaroxin should continue but the "n" in previous studies was fairly low and also there has been alot variability in studies involving the comparator which is current std of care. let's just hope that the higher volume and price firming means someone knows something positive (i'm certainly not in the know)

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      • Thanks for the reply jj. That was the only thing I could come up with too but we've had just so many head fakes this year. I figure up to now was to facilitate accumulation by the big boys. The conspiracy nut in me loves the timing of the street article, thinking they know positive news and are using the article to hide their last few purchases. What are we up to now 97% insider,fund, and institutional ownership?! Looking at the almost dead message board, there can't be so many of us retail investors left. I guess we'll find out on Monday. Hopefully we will have some good news. GLTU

      • You are on the money. Upcoming triggers (LI-1) and positive but modest money flow into the stock (technical evaluation) sets SNSS into a triggering buy pattern. SNSS will likely be a bigger story I 2014 but major payers like Blackrock have been a ready buyer on dips.

    • I don't actually know why the sudden interest in SNSS except perhaps the word has gotten out to the "hedgies" and "tuties" that they have completed enrollment in the Vosaroxin Phase III trial, or that they have gotten wind that the LI-1 trial is moving on to the next level.

      My opinion is that it has to be some kind of good news that got leaked out ahead of the press release.

      Maybe a press release today! Wouldn't that be a great start to a weekend!

      GLTAL's. I'd be getting real nervous right about now if I was a SHORT.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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