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  • lifetolive7 lifetolive7 Oct 28, 2013 8:17 AM Flag

    CYCC vs. SNSS

    Sunesis priced over 15 X CYCC net of cash. Sapacitabine is oral, less toxic, is being tested for Front -line AML (not refractory) . In SEAMLESS, SAP/DAC is demonstrating a 20% survival 2-3 years out ( SEAMLESS pilot arm) and is ahead of SNSS in combined therapy with Dacogen. In Refractory MDS (6X the size of AML market), SAP (AS A SINGLE AGENT) has doubled survival in a recent phase 2 study and garnered praise from MD Anderson investigators. SAP/SEL (solely owned CYCC drug combination) demonstrated strong activity in BRCA deficient solid tumors. SAP Has proven multi-year tolerability and maintenance potential.

    SNSS's drug causes nasty side effect off mucco-cystic oral lesions, is I V administration, being tested refractory AML, It is combined with Cytarabine (toxic chemo) which makes the drug combination less suitable for older patients, SNSS had to increase the size of their study at interim results to improve statistical benefit (implies only marginal benefit in results being demonstrated). Vosaroxin/CYT is not suitable as a long term (multi-year) maintenance regimen and now Vosaroxin mono therapy in AML appears to be off the table and their phase 2 results have been contradicted. SNSS shareholders, you are being led astray by a hedge fund which is pumping this stock. SNSS's AML trial is high risk in my opinion.

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    • Results thus far for Vosaroxin in Ovarian Cancer have been described as "Not Spectacular" by investigators. Recently, Sapacitabine demonstrated activity in 75% of Ovarian Cancer cell lines in Vitro compared to 40% for Cisplatin (current standard of care). Sapacitabine has a unique mechanism of action. Populations that are HR pathway deficient are particularly sensitized to Sapacitabine. Ovarian Cancer populations are genomically characterized as HRD at about a 50% rate.

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      • SNSS has a high hurdle overcoming CYCC in RMDS, Sapacitabine doubled survival in refractory MDS as a SINGLE AGENT. We have COMPLETED phase 2. In an effort to cover a possible impending failure in AML, SNSS is rushing to study Vosaroxin combined with Dacogen (CYCC's combination agent in SEAMLESS) as an after thought. SNSS made a big mistake in it's trial design, they are trying to use the low dose Cytarabine combination across too broad of a study population. Older patients do not fair well on Cytarabine combinations. This is why the DAC-016 trial failed (Dacogen).

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