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  • rwcva rwcva Oct 8, 2002 7:55 AM Flag

    Bush is Destroying the Economy

    The Bush administration is not doing anything to destroy the economy.

    The Bush administration has done NOTHING.

    The economy was in the start of a decline during the waning months of the Clinton administration.

    There is an old addage: "Judge a man by what he does , not what he says"

    Bush talks a lot, but does nothing.

    Months on end about a range of subjects, but other than the words, what has changed?

    America gets the kind of leaders it deserves.
    From the ranks of corporate executives, members of Congress, to the President, the leaders come from the people, so the greed, selfishness, dishonesty gets elevated to a higher more visable level.

    Our society has tolerated getting sexually active early and getting any and all the sex it can handle, so a President getting "some on the side" in the White House should not come as a surprise.

    Deal making, having a "friend get it for you wholesale", slipping a headwaiter $20 for a good table get elevated also in the highest levels of government. So you have a President and a bunch of cronnies who have come upthe political ladder by living off connections.

    In our religious community ,we have leaders preaching from the pulpits about leading a "chaste life", but inside the parrish house, all sorts of sexual activity goes on and is tolerated and covered up by the leaders of the church.

    We have religious leaders and their teased hair, mascara full eyed wifes pleading for money to build churches the size of concert halls, and on the side building private homes and spending money on every vice known including prostitutes.

    Bush is not destroying the economy, we have destroyed it ourselves.

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