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  • sparkftp sparkftp Jan 16, 2003 10:43 AM Flag

    DUMPAGE has begun, sorry longs

    you've been foiled again.

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    • Wasn't it curiosity that killed the cat?


    • The longs only laugh at all the shorts stupid comments. I should refrain from posting against nonsense.
      Lou is just a plain idiot, and I see abfablad and Lou must be related. CPA and Sparky are either ticked at the company or mad that they shorted at the wrong time.
      If you are going to post, let's see the facts.
      Speculation killed the cat.

    • Ahh, I don't know about that. Enron had earnings, low PE, but no cash flow. So did Worldcom.

      Yeah, I have limited awareness of the world around me. Limited to the pain I saw in the faces of friends and family members burned by owning Enron and Worldcom, when a peak at the cash flow statement screamed .. "Danger Will Robinson, danger". Ditto Sears.

      'nuf said.

    • Your right it only takes 30 seconds to evaluate a company. That is how people make money by spending 30 seconds on stock research. At least your honest and I think you spend more time with your research than others on this board, however, you cannot evaluate a company in that amount of time. Your better off not investing if you are. Good luck!

    • It's a technical sell. Lot of overhead resistance at $27.80- $28.00. Bottom line is this, Sears is still immensely profitable and it's valuation will continue to climb higher throughout 2003 as Lands End is integrated further. Stock will close the year at $38-$40.

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      • I hate Sears. Have as long as I can remember. However, my wife demanded that I look at the stock. She used to hate Sears, but recently has been raving about the changes they made to our local stores. She's very upbeat on Lands End. Indicates that the nature of the Sears store traffic is showing a marked change since Lands End merchandise has been added. More middle and upper middle class shoppers. Indicates that the stores look clean, sharp, with merchandise being displayed well.

        Thought I would poke around this stock and listen to the CC. This conference call is one of the best I have heard in a long time, from any company. Well run call. Executives speaking with confidence, providing good detail. Never would have expected that from Sears.

        Is this stock worth buying? Big turnaround may be in order.

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