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  • Ganymede97 Ganymede97 Jan 14, 2007 6:43 PM Flag

    Open letter to Forsee and Donahue

    I feel sorry for the employees of Sprint, especially the low level employees who will bear the brunt of this company's horrendous mis-management. It's just stunning that between network (lack of) quality and an abysmal handset line up year after year this wireless company cannot execute.

    And the nail is in the coffin. Go to Apple's website and check out the iPhone. It's AMAZING and....once won't be at Sprint, ever. The committment to CDMA as well as never offering wireless customers what they want quickly (hello RAZR), is the poison of Sprint. I know some of these decisions will be gated by what the handset OEM's offer the CDMA networks. Whether its an excuse or not, it does not change the outcome. Sprint is withering.

    And in June of this year I will churn off my two lines, buy a couple of iPhones, and join the legions moving to AT&T.

    It's over never figured out how to win. And that is THE JOB of senior management. Now you know who to blame.


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    • You know, you're right. Steve Jobs also didn't mention when he introduced the original iPod that it could be used as a portable hard drive, and that you could easily copy onto it any copy protected program that was already on a Mac hard drive (e.g., Adobe PhotoShop). Yet, a few months after the first iPods were sold, that's exactly what was being done. Teenagers were taking those iPods, hooking them up to Macs in Best Buy or where ever, and downloading the necessary files onto the iPod, then ripping that software back onto their Macs at home.

      Just because you can sync an iPhone to a Mac like you would an iPod does NOT mean that you can't download what you like via the internet onto your iPhone. After all...Safari doesn't have any disabled abilities on the iPhone, so you can download attachments...which means that if you can do that, you can download ANYTHING (given any file size perameters that may be in play).

      So, trust can use iTunes and down load songs form there without the Mac...but you'll eventually have to sync to the Mac if you want to store the songs on a more robust system.


    • market_timing_is_for_idiots market_timing_is_for_idiots Jan 17, 2007 5:08 PM Flag

      "As an iPod. Using your finger, you can navigate the device's 3.5-inch display. You can watch podcasts, TV shows, movies ? and, of course, listen to music and audiobooks. You can also rapidly scroll through album covers using the clever Cover Flow feature on iTunes. But you cannot wirelessly download music purchased off iTunes. Instead, you connect or dock the device as with any iPod."

      I interpret this to suggest music cannot be downloaded wirelessly, the iPhone has to be hooked up to a computer.

      ...I suspect AAPL hasn't told us that the iPhone can be used as an electric shaver, just because they haven't mentioned the iShave capabilities doesn't mean it can't do it...;-).

    • why don't you check. you can't download music directly to the iphone. EOS

    • Oh please...just because you don't tell people that you can download music directly via your phone does NOT mean that you can't. It's like saying simply because you can have access to the 10W-40 motor oil, an oil filter, and an oil pan means you can't change your own oil in your car. Please!

      If you want to do it, you can. Just because someone didn't say you could doesn't mean you can't.


    • ah I am correct. if you could download music directly to the phone Apple would hsve said it. They don't list that as a feature.

    • I do not get 1.7x. Educate me.

    • Some good points. If Apple isn't being envied by nearly every corporation in America for its strategic vision and intuitive designs, I don't know what company is. The big question will be whether a lot of people will shell out the incredible cost of the iPhone. The high price was perhaps the biggest surprise to analysts when the news broke. Also, Sprint's network issues are largely a thing of the past. With 3,400 cell sites put up last year and 4,800 this year, it's only getting better. There's no trouble with reception on the CDMA and iDEN handsets used by our workgroup. If you want to go to a company (AT&T) that's historical abused its monopoly powers to keep the competition from even stepping foot into its industry, please do so.

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