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  • drooling_mongo drooling_mongo Oct 20, 2007 11:42 PM Flag

    Sprint = Worst Customer Service

    I called Sprint to change my plans that expired a year ago. I have a family plan...with 2 phones and want to get an individual plan for 1 phone and dropping the other. just can't talk to 1 get transferred to 4 people where you have to repeat the same stuff over and over...then they want to charge me $200 bucks for an early termination ... even though the plan expired a year ago...and then finally getting disconnected.

    I've delt with Sprint's poor customer service for too long now (I once changed my billing address to a block away and they changed my phone number too).

    Off to Verizon I go (I already have 1 phone with them and am satisfied).

    Bye Bye Sprint.....

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    • One more thought, how bad must your service be if people would rather spend 200 dollars for nothing just to be out of their contract rather than pay another dime for your service???

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      • Spend $200? Sprint has solved that as well, so you don't have to spend a dime! Just keep calling and harassing their customer service department (average around 30 calls per month) and after a couple of months, they'll drop you and wave the ETF!

        Seriously though, think about this:

        Customers that have a positive experience tell between 4-6 people about that experience. Customers that have a NEGATIVE experience tell between 10-15 people about their experience. Ironically, people are more apt to believe someone's negative opinion rather than another's positive opinion, even if they KNOW that the positive opinion is actually true and the negative one is false.

        So, since Sprint already has established for itself a tremendously lousy customer service reputation, it's basically doomed. It's in a hole that it may NEVER be able to dig itself out of. Perhaps a name change is in order!


    • AMEN!!! I have spent over a month and a half, including 20+hours on the phone (where I've been hung up on twice), spent the cab fare and time going from 4 different stores in Chicago, simply trying to replace a defective broadband card. Everyone just passes the buck, it's pathetic how such a simple task can't be accomplished by anyone in the company. I should be able to walk into any S/N store in the country and have my card replaced with absolutely no hassle, and be on my way. If I were in any way associated with the CS of Sprint/Nextel I would be embarassed. Customer service like this is remembered by everyone that has to deal with it and will cause people to leave and never come back. A service company without good service is destined for failure.

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      • you hit the nail on the head. it's amazing how every sprint person i tried to get to help me regardless if it was in person at a sprint store or over the phone seemed like they could care less if i got the help i needed or not. i always tried to take a positive approach but it seemed like every employee automatically got defensive instead of trying to solve a problem. i think their training is non existent because they really dont know what they are doing.

    • Anyone disagree?

    • farm folks are more easily oppressed than others.

      Th reference to oppression has to do with the treatment of Amish women, not necessarily those who live on farms. I'm willing to bet most, not all, Amish farm. Of course, Dennis Quaid, as a professional bowler, is an example of the exception to the generalizatition.

    • On the other hand (while waiting for stocks to do something exciting), I do disagree with your idea that farm folks are more easily oppressed than others. If Atrader is trying to oppress anyone that is why he is not on the farm.

      Hey, Atrader, are you on the farm?

      Back to work...

    • Assuming you think relief is a good thing, thank you for noticing.

      Actually, I did not find it curious that Atrader was using a computer. I decided after reading his first post that he was the only sneaky, nasty Amish person and he'd found his way to the local library, without horse and buggy, of course.

      What you say makes sense though, so thanks for your perception. This board has been quite the dumping ground for shorts and sour grapes.

    • I also tried a Sprint phone. It wouldn't work where I live. I called to have it disconnected. Later, it was still working, so I called again before the month was up. They told me, oh, that's too bad. August has 31 days, and the contract said 30 days, not a month. It cost me $300 to talk for 13 minutes. I think the company must be desparate.

    • You are a friggen whining cry baby woosie. Take your friggen service somewhere else then. Nobody will miss you. Now don't go away mad ......just go away.

    • Congratulations to the Sprint customer service team who buy this POS thru their Employee Stock Purchase Plan - you deserve to eat your own feces.

      The neighborhood crack dealer has more sense of what Customer Service means ... I finally dumped them when Sprint woke me up at 5:45 AM with a text message to tell my a service I did not even subscribe to was about to expire.

      I do thank Sprint customer service for one thing - while dealing with Sprint customer service, it became apparent to me that I was quite capable of murder, I'm in therapy for that now, thanks Sprint !!!

      Sprint should merge with Comcast and then go bankrupt together.

    • Yes, but that will change when they exhaust their last customer. Figure when they down to the last 100 or so the 60,000 employeees might be able to service them properly. Perhaps another round of customer firing's in order. Drop the ones who pay their bills on time and expect correct charges.

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