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  • prabbit51 prabbit51 Oct 21, 2007 12:38 PM Flag

    Sprint = Worst Customer Service

    jus passin' through and saw this Sprint Customer Service post.

    I am a Sprint pcs customer and have just about had it with

    I have called customer service to cancel the insurance on
    my 2 1/2 year old phone. First attempt, I was on hold (waiting) for 22 minutes. Had to do something else so I hung up. Next day, I figured that the reason the wait was
    so long was that it was 6pm and customer service could be slammed since people off work are calling in.

    Nope, called customer service @ 3pm. On hold (wait) for
    21 minutes....finally a human voice. I too was handed off
    to at least 4 people since "my department doesn't cancel the
    insurance." Funny thing, the insurance is so easy to get on-line but ya can't cancel on line! Never did get the insurance cancelled!!
    Went to a company owned sprint store...can't cancel it there

    To close, I do not have a problem with a 2 year contract if the new contract involves receiving a new phone. But why does one need to be obligated to a 2 year contract simply to
    changed your phone plan?????

    Alltel may get a new customer this week! screw the $200 bucks. Besides that circle of friends deal is pretty sweet.

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    • I posted that I regularly waited over 40 minutes for a CS person to answer the phone when I was with Sprint and some people here didn't believe me. I challenged them to call CS themselves to see what happens. There is no sense in paying customers waiting over 5 minutes much less over 40 minutes to speak with someone. This company has huge problems.

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