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  • yingand_yang yingand_yang Jan 25, 2008 11:54 AM Flag

    Googlle, Sprint and Clearwire

    Sprint Nextel continues to freefall, losing 25% of its already depleted value on a gloomy forecast for 2008; but one thing is clear ? if it proves unequal to the task of exploiting the exceptionally valuable 2.5GHz spectrum it holds, an increasingly united group of interests will ensure the frequencies are not left to rot. It seems more and more likely that, with or without Sprint, Clearwire will be at the hub of the effort.

    Once the 700MHz auction is completed next month, it will be clear which of the would-be disruptive players in US telecoms will still be short of spectrum. If Google is left out in the cold, it will doubtless intensify its existing alliance to provide the applications portal for Sprint?s Xohm WiMAX service, looking to push its open access objectives via that network. It is now also starting to work with Clearwire, another indication of the logic of Sprint and Clearwire bringing their previously failed alliance back to life. This could result in a system where the hefty spectrum holdings of Sprint and Clearwire are pooled, operational and build-out costs shared, software platform and advertising mechanisms are provided by Google, and financing comes from Intel alongside possible investments from Motorola, Samsung, and SKT. Such a structure would have a genuine shot at offering a service that could steal some customers from Verizon and AT&T.

    Clearwire, as its new Google deal shows, is more than happy to play ball with the big names and take the role of power broker, while at the same time allowing its network and business to be used as a vehicle for the political and commercial ambitions of Intel, Google and potentially Microsoft. Sprint Nextel has a more complex situation to handle as most of its problems come from realigning and reviving its current business. This makes many of its shareholders hostile to Xohm, as it is an avoidable drain on capex funds and, many believe, a distraction from the main task at hand. Few would be entirely happy to let the valuable spectrum holdings go altogether, unless there are sufficient disappointed and deep pocketed players after the 700MHz sale to create a new rush of interest, and inflation, around 2.5GHz. In that case selling the licenses could generate a valuable cash injection for Sprint while ridding it of a cost burden ? though, of course, it would also rob it of the asset with the greatest potential to give the cellco a future platform. Without this asset, Sprint looks likely to be consigned to being an acquisition target or sliding down the rankings to become a niche operator up against the two giants.

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    • You should familiarze yourself with the UHF blocks being auctioned right now. One block is aimed specifically at broadcast multimedia and since its UHF with high RF power it has the propagation characteristics of HDTV.

      Also familiarize yourself with MediaFlow, QCOM's technolgy for delivering wireless multimedia.

    • <<OBVIUOSLY the 17:56 $ 10.34 100 trade carries the MOST WEIGHT since I placed athe trade and I'M a PHUCkING GENIUS !!!>>

      Looks like you overpaid. You could have picked up the same number of shares at $9.97. If you were such a genius, you would also know that "phucking" is actually spelled "fucking" and "obviuosly" is spelled "obviously."

    • Comparing a one way video transmission with two way IP communication is silly. The data carrying capacity along the fringe of what will be very narrow usable coverage will be nearly non-existant.

      Yours may be the worst attempted justification of operating 4G in 700 MHz spectrum that I have read.

    • As you said its a test not a commercial WiMax deployment so the example is irrelevant.

    • <Does anyone know about news or releases that would have provided the nice jump over $10 today? >

      After hours trading is generally an uncertain indicator. If you look at the after hours trading, you will see one trade of 100 shares at $10.34 followed by 300 shares at $10.25 followed by 2.7 million at $9.97 followed by 60,000 shares at $9.97. Which trades do you think are more significant?

      After Hours
      Time (ET) After Hours
      Price After Hours
      Share Volume
      18:35 $ 9.97 60,900
      18:03 $ 9.97 2,702,300
      17:56 $ 10.25 300
      17:56 $ 10.34 100
      16:20 $ 9.97 600
      16:19 $ 9.98 500
      16:16 $ 9.8335 3,000
      16:12 $ 9.836 4,200
      16:01 $ 9.921 13,900

    • I get the feeling that Merlot is an old Mobitex slappy given his lack of knowledge about WiMax networking.

    • Don't get excited....not that kind of action. Does anyone know about news or releases that would have provided the nice jump over $10 today?

    • Mega, this video blows your theory that you can't offer Wimax in a small portion of a city because that's exactly what they did in Chicago last fall in a test run.

    • "Then you make up some fictitious monthly cost of "40/month for combined in-building and mobile broadband that has never been built. Clearwire's mobile service is $67/month as stated in the article."

      Go to the clearwire website and you will see cost (not in the Seattle area) of $37/month. Clearwire has non-.16E equipment in Seattle so they have no incentive to attract subscribers at this point or they will be throwing money away on modems, etc. Please at least make an attempt to understand the technology and pricing - you made it all the way to an investment board, obviously you have the ability to use the internet!

      "If you understood how sectorized cells are done you'd know that WiMax is a Point-To-Multipoint shared medium and will experience degradation with loading."

      No $hit Sherlock - just like EVERY OTHER WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY. This is the exact reason that WiMAX will beat all other technologies - the spectrum bandwidth for WiMAX is wider than for 700MHz. Have you not paid any attention at all? Yes, they will undergo degradation with network load, but the point occurs 50x sooner with 20MHz channels in the UHF spectrum. Please try to keep up....

    • Post the link.

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