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  • retiredtothehills retiredtothehills Nov 17, 2008 3:49 PM Flag

    Could Sprint please go out-of-business...

    Well perhaps Sprint could get a buyer. Having been a Sprint employee in the local tel.devision, I have some insight on Sprints management especially those who were in KC before Sprint spun the local devision. If Sprint had the fastest, best, and the cheapest system cost, I know they would find a way though hard, to mis-manage the best system into a edsel. Who should care, the executives still receive their salary & bonus ( if applicable) and then, to show for their reason to esist, they dig a hole under things that seem to work and pour good money after bad and,, somehow call it good,, in their eyes. G3 was their Rocket, but Forcee bought Nextel which system did not marry up to the G3. Instead of dumping Nextel and buying Altel or some other vendor whos customers could be easily transferred onto Sprints 3g, They keep Nextel at a tremendous cost while watching customer bleed to Verizon or another provider. So to made a bold move, they spin the local telcos and somehow in their eyes call it good.

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