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  • Dino1818 Dino1818 Nov 10, 2009 6:24 PM Flag

    Speaking of Minyanville

    Just came across the best mssg board post on Minyanville's latest negative story about Sprint. I cut and pasted here --

    Wow. How surprising! Another slobbering, hugfest article by a New York-based rag promoting two New York area wireless companies. Can you say "East Coast Bias"? Why don't you write an article about how expensive Verizon and AT&T plans are when compared to Sprint and other competitors? Or dig into what happened to Verizon's big push into Push-to-Talk and that PTT commercial they had to take off the air because it was off-base on its facts regarding Nextel's PTT. What are VZ/T doing with all those extra funds from their high-priced plans -- paying off their media buddies in New York?

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    • OK, I had to register to write a response to the editor of the said article:

      The article is full of inaccuracies it's really quite an embarrassment.

      You need to get your facts straight before publishing it and now, alas, publish corrections pronto.

      Starting with the numbers of subscribers Sprint lost and gained in the recent reported quarter and in which categories.

      Motorola Droid is NOT the first Android phone.

      T-Mo was the first to offer a droid phone last year and Sprint is the second this year whose Hero receives rave reviews and is considered by some critics to be preferable to the Moto Droid.

      I can go on but let's hone in on the most egregious misinformation.

      AT&T has a puny 3G coverage, you know what that is?

      Haven't you seen the Verizon ad showing AT&T's 3G coverage map vis-a-vis Verizon's?

      FYI, Sprint's is nearly as widespread as Verizon's and was in fact bigger before Verizon bought Alltel just this year.

      Sprint built its own network and is considered to be the BEST 3G network according to independent third parties tests.

      How can you have missed the widely known and bitter complaints by iPhoners of AT&T network, both in poor coverage and capacity?

      Where have you been?

      And the only item you are choosing to respond, re: the 4G network:

      The new Clearwire is the result of Sprint contributing its WiMAX assets to form a new co of which Sprint owns 56+% as of today's funding news.

      Other partners are Comcast, TimeWarner, Google, Intel, and a few others.

      Go find somebody more knowledgeable than "your source" and they will accurately inform you that Sprint is the leader in 4G deployment happening RIGHT NOW through Clearwire which it owns.

      WiMAX is being deployed through out the world particularly in leading Asia.

      The competing LTE from Verizon and AT&T is in effect vaporware for the next several years as chipsets for the user devices are not even available.

      Moreover, WiMAX and LTE while closely related, WiMAX as deployed by Sprint/Clearwire has up to FOUR TIMES the spectrum depth of what LTE will have in major US population areas.

      What this means is that WiMAX has a much bigger pipe while the technologies are similar.

      Please find some qualify individuals to write and edit these subjects which require some knowledge of technology.

      Parroting hearsay fed by some individual without own knowledge and fact checking is a disservice to journalism.


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