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  • panalta2000 panalta2000 Dec 7, 2009 1:49 PM Flag

    No LOGOICAL reason for S to be below $8 now

    "-478M net income, 5.3M cash, 1.1M of which is debt issuance.....yeah, this is defintitely an 8-12$ stock.

    -.17 eps and next Q is supposed to be worse...

    How do you people make money?

    You realize that right now, not one of your shares is worth a penny."

    leave your money in the bank..

    your too stupid to be investing.

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    • Loloically, you're the one who should be putting your money under the mattress, 2010 is not going to look much better.

      You guys make it sound like A) S has the whole country covered in 4G when it's only a few cities.

      S forecast losses through 2010.

      Companies like verizon will have 4G.

      Again, S is going up today on hype, the same reason you bought it. Fundamentally, it's a mess and will be for at least 12-16 months. You're ok with dead money?

      Yeah the S bored of investing, wait until people sell into this strength. One of you fools even thinks $12-15. Why? On what basis? Hype.

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