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  • beatyouup beatyouup Dec 9, 2009 9:00 PM Flag

    Just Announced! Google Pitched as Best Buyer for Sprint link

    very interesting "ideal" article written by a tech geek i guess.

    i personally think one of the following would be the contender or a combination of any...

    apple, comcast, google

    we all know the number of cellphone out number car, tv, and computer combined, cellphone nowadays is like a mini-computer in our hand.

    the future is all about contents, data, streaming video, video calls, anything to do data.

    it does make sense or any one of the contender i mentioned above to buyout s

    phone sale
    chipset sale, design
    video contents
    tv shows on the fly
    video calls
    video conference on the go

    that why i think google, comcast, intel, sprint all invest in clearwire...

    google provides the software, tools, google also owns youtube, and has cash

    comcast provides the contents, tv shows, cnbc, etc

    intel has the chipset, cash

    sprint has the telco infrastructure

    hope that all current sprint stock holder wins!

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