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  • nzj77 nzj77 Jan 7, 2010 3:51 AM Flag

    Am I missing something? Is everyone ignoring

    Wow, now I'm really disappointed. I'm also stunned at the fact that you blind-following sprint coolAid drinking fools think this will have a bigger impact than a 4G phone...which is pretty ridiculous. 4G is not nationwide yet and even then, only technogeeks will carry a mobile wifi device around.

    I'm guessing Sprint is not releasing a wimax phone, because the 4G coverage does not justify it. That's still a disappointment, but I'm sure it's on the way.

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    • <<only technogeeks will carry a mobile wifi device around.>>

      Techno-retard, (nzj77)

      I'd help you out, if I could only figure out how you got in. (W.C. Fields:)

      I'll try and "dumb it down" for you...

      You know that box you watch your cartoons on? It's called a Television, right? Well, if you've been paying attention to the "buzz" (you know...the sound a bumblebee makes...onomatopoeia) coming out of CES, the hot (Central Hall) concept is live television via the internet.

      Free local TV soon to be available on cell phones
      New phones and other consumer devices will make it possible to watch free local TV on the go

      Phoning It In--Mobile DTV Set To Be Smartphone Staple
      Published: Wednesday, 6 Jan 2010 | 12:02 PM E

      The reason why the "Overdrive" (Sprint's new 3G/4G Wi-Fi Router) is a "game-changer" is that....IT HAS NO DATA CAP!

      When I purchased a Novatel "Mifi" device from a Sprint store on December 13th, I was advised of the limitations...maximum distance from the MIFI card of 33 feet, AND A 5G DATA CAP...which the store employee told me equated to anywhere from 5 to 7 full length movies. You your favorites...Bambi, Peter Pan, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, etc.

      But the device that was announced today (the 3G/4G wireless router called "Overdrive") HAS NO DATA CAP!!!!

      What would you say if I told you that it was possible to watch your cartoons and movies without staying inside your can go anywhere you have Sprint cellular reception.

      For could be in Hawaii(you know, where Tarn's Metro PCS phone serves as a paper-weight), out on the beach. (it's o.k.--you don't have to get in the water) don't have to carry the T.V. around. You can take a lap-top, smart-phone, or e-reader and watch Bloomberg...oops, I mean Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck every day... and one of your movies every single night, BECAUSE THERE IS NO DATA CAP!

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      •'ll have to use Sprint's 4G Network to watch your cartoons and movies every day. That's because Sprint has a time to market advantage of one to two years...over AT&T and Verizon.


        Even when Verizon offers their 4G LTE...they won't offer UNLIMITED DATA. That's according to Tarn...per his post below:

        Re: This Is Major News - Clearwire Can Play it Both Ways

        13-Nov-09 05:47 pm

        >>1/3rd the towers, 1/7th the spectrum, twice the customers = 1/42 bandwidth/customer.


        Dan Hesse: "We crush both Verizon and AT&T in speed tests."

        WiMAX will be a repeat of the above 3G comment whenever LTE shows up three years from now.

        Verizon: No unlimited data even with LTE.


        nzj77, you ask why AT&T and Verizon won't be offering unlimited data (Sprint's "Overdrive" 3G/4G WI-FI router has NO DATA CAP) when they roll out their 4G networks 3 years (per Tarn) from now?

        Because they don't have the Spectrum depth (the "pipes") that Sprint/Clearwire have.

        "Why is the depth important? When it comes to wireless services, the depth of spectrum that you have dictates how wide a pipe you can offer customers — with more spectrum DEPTH you can have faster speeds, more customers, etc. Right now your iPhone 3G experience in many U.S. markets stinks in part because AT&T doesn’t have a lot of spectrum depth at the frequencies it is using, so in a simple sense the channels and towers get clogged up. Even the company’s spectrum holdings at 850 MHz, which it is touting as a “high quality” savior for 3G chokepoints, only total between 25 MHz and 50 MHz of depth in major markets, according to AT&T senior vice president Kris Rinne, who confirmed those totals in an interview last week. While that might be enough to let a few more iPhone calls go through, compared to Clearwire’s holdings it’s pretty thin gruel."

        "At the 700 MHz range, where AT&T and Verizon plan to deploy Long Term Evolution, the two big operators only have spectrum depth holdings of around 20 to 25 MHz each. As we’ve said before, this somewhat narrow depth of spectrum will initially mean LTE speeds far below the theoretical peak numbers that get tossed around in meaningless test situations."

        "Clearwire, on the other hand, has so much spectrum depth that it can deploy WiMAX today in big, thick channels while reserving enough spectrum depth to later deploy LTE if that makes sense, or perhaps now make some dough renting the spectrum to other players like T-Mobile."

        Will Verizon be able to pick up some more Spectrum at auction?

        The recent news releases about the Obama administration's plans regarding Spectrum would suggest not.

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