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  • oldpapa52 oldpapa52 Jan 25, 2010 9:16 PM Flag

    simultanious voice and data on CDMA

    Hi Greek,

    Can you put the following in perspective?


    One of the possible reasons holding Apple and the CDMA based service providers like VZ and S from deploying iPnone is an apparent handicap which is inability to use a smartphone in simultanious voice and data mode, the problem needs to be addressed prior to Apple commiting itself to making iPhone available to run on CDMA.

    Recently the CDMA Development Group announced that the specs for CDMA2000 1X Advanced have been completed and published. Some of the technology enhancements, said to be available in 2010, will include: base transceiver station (BTS) interference cancellation, improved power control, early frame termination, and smart blanking. The improvements, in theory, are capable of quadrupling the voice capacity of existing CMDA2000 1x networks.

    Also it was stated that “a complementary device enhancement known as simultaneous 1X Voice and EV-DO Data (SVDO) will also become available during the same timeframe and will enable CDMA2000 devices to access EV-DO packet data services while in an active 1X circuit-switch voice call.” This means CDMA users will finally be able to access the web, send emails, use data intensive GPS navigation options like updating maps or downloading traffic info, and more while on phone calls.

    I wonder what S is doing to address this problem?

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    • You are on crack..yes Apple doesn't want to sell their products to 140 million potential customers because you cant talk and surf at same time all while Android platforms and brand is spreading across the world. Besides...its fixed in one easy swing of the bat...4G. one is going to care about voice in 5 years. "Cell Phone" companies are only going to be selling data plans and people will be talking VOIP on their data plans. Hesse has already hinted that he supports this type of model with the comments he made at CES about being able to use certain sites that have previously been taboo with cell companies. It was so apparent its not even funny.

      I really hope they are the first to embrace this new model because I know both AT&T and VZ will have a harder time doing so. AT&T only exist because of the iphone so that is the worlds biggest short stock come d-day...oh man it is going to be so much fun watching them unravel. Have they even built a 3G network yet?

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