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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger Mar 17, 2011 6:08 PM Flag

    ALERT- S is going to add "LTE" w/800MHz

    LTE over the 800 MHz Spectrum/ Sprint is already #1 in lowering the carbon footprint & providing the first to market best of breed technologies. It's getting better and Sprint is going to make money on this single change in the 800 MHz Spectrum.

    For all you Tech's out there you know this is HUGE & puts ALL others in the dust YEARS BEHIND!!!!!!!!

    Sprint already set the tone earlier & the word is that the 800MHz Spectrum they have will be integrated with ALL 3 SPECTRUMS INTO A SINGLE STREAMLINED SPECTRUM W/ PUSH TO TALK/ENHANCED 4G & 3G.

    *For all you non tech's out there this is like the current SPECTRUM SETUP as an Old Commodore 64 Computer to a Crane SuperComputer or if you want me to break it down further like drinking a bottle of Ripple or Night Train vs. a bottle of 1996 Dom!


    "Sprint expects the Network Vision plan to bring financial benefit to the company, not only by reducing operating costs, but also by avoiding future expenses as wireless data traffic continues to grow. The total estimated incremental cost of the Network Vision program during the deployment period is between $4 billion and $5 billion. Sprint estimates the total net financial benefit for a seven-year period to be between $10 billion and $11 billion. Cost savings are expected to come from capital efficiencies, reducing energy costs, lowering roaming expenses, backhaul savings and the eventual reduction in total cell sites. As Network Vision gives Sprint a more efficient network, and wireless data demand continues to increase, the per-unit cost efficiencies of serving Sprint customers should improve."

    Sprint was already worth $7 to $9 AS IS. NOW IT'S WORTH $13 TO $15 AS IS...........NO HYPE!

    also: Sprint also has the technology to convert ALL those that invested in other IP Protocalls.....EVERY ONE!!!!


    Sprint already gave the old "wink-wink" on LTE ...... it's real!

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    • Sprint will go bankrupt or be sold...One thing that is not happening is a turnaround...

      They can't compete..We see that firsthand.

    • I am honored that you think I'm someone who made an impression on you...Shows me how long you've suffered waiting on this garbage...

      I'kk be whoever you want me to be but my Sprint posts began on dec 20ish 2009 when I got duped by a CLWR salewoman at a Best Buy in my area...

      I've only known that Sprint was garbage since that day...


    • By Chris Ziegler
      posted Mar 16th 2011 4:42PM

      If we had a dime for every time Sprint CEO Dan Hesse (or spectrum partner Clearwire) has talked about a possible migration to LTE, we'd have... well, at least several dimes. A new rumor that's popped up from a couple sources today -- consulting firm Gerson Lehrman Group and GizmoFusion -- claims that the LTE move is now a done deal, with Sprint signing contracts with infrastructure supplies Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, and Samsung to roll out service over the course of the next two to three years as it decommissions iDEN on its 800MHz spectrum. That said, CDMA isn't about to go away: the company has already committed to upgrading its CDMA footprint with 1X Advanced over the next several years, too. GLG claims that Sprint's going Lone Ranger on this -- it'll be looking to partner up with other companies like Clearwire or T-Mobile where it makes sense, but the decision to move to LTE so far has been purely internal.

      On a related note, GizmoFusion is claiming that Sprint will start shipping the WiFi-only BlackBerry PlayBook between late March and mid-April ahead of the WiMAX version later this year, along with touchscreen / QWERTY hybrid and full-touch BlackBerry handsets -- both of which we've seen rumored recently. LTE-compatible hardware, assuming this is all legitimate, is probably a ways off yet.

    • I also have 17 credits to get my MBA....... do you understand that Sprint already has MAJORITY OWNERSHIP in CLWR. Why buy the cow when you are getting the milk for free?

      Yes, I have talked with S HQ's. Have You?

    • Hey Dummy, WINK WINK, Sprint's share price is currently worth $5.06 as I type this...If it were worth $7 to $9 it would be $7 to $9...A PPS is what people are willing to pay for it..SUPPLY and DEMAND...

      The LTE network will be switched from the 2.4GHZ spectrum currently being used for Wimax...The 800 MHZ that will become available AFTER Nextel is closed won't be used for LTE unless you think SPRINT will pay to build an entirely NEW netwrok on it...

      You Pumpers need to learn the basics....


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      • That is no HYPE. How many Computer Science Degrees do you have? How many programming languages do you write code in? Are you Cisco Certified, Microsoft........"You Know Nothing about what I am talking about, do you? This is one of the GREATEST BREAKTHROUGHS IN THE COMPANIES HISTORY AND YOU are not in tune with IP, IT, Programming, Spectrum....... I am gifted with being a GREAT INVESTOR & just happen to be Certified with MANY IT Companies........CCNA, CCNS, MOUS, MSCE,NOVEL........... on and on and on and on and on. Sory I had to slam You like that. I just had to put you in your place on this development; It's OK that you do not understand how a stream of 1's & 0's replicate video or voice around the Globe with a 1/8th of a second delay. Nothing personal. This is BUSINESS & IS MONUMENTAL from a technology standpoint! Good Luck to You & Take Care!

    • Ancient....and unable to offer the service that is already out there with all new smartphones that have dropped calls..... Not to mention, you will have to go to sprint for any future advancements with the smartphones as the other companies will offer old service and only be able to offer the new technologies to a "limited" set number of customers while sprint can offer unlimited global customers and save energy money and price out the competition.

      freaking huge news!!!!!!

      i have be %100 on target with sprint!

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      • Last week Clearwire's CEO Bill Morrow resigned in a wider management shake-up as the wireless operator tries to resolve a dispute with majority owner Sprint Nextel. Two other top executives are also leaving and the finance chief is moving to an operational role.

        Sprint owns 54 percent of Clearwire. In late 2010, investors were hopeful that Sprint would buy Clearwater, however Sprint dismissed these claims.


        For those of you who do not know CLWR has S's 4G Spectrum 2x(+) the 800MHz Spectrum. Looks like Sprint already has CLWR in their back pocket and do not need to buy out the company as they have the "POWER OF THE PEN HERE"

        Getting excited yet!

        There's more........ just take this in and DD it and you will figure out the other IMMINENT FACT to appear.


        S should spike in the AM, it may not. It will in a matter of a few trading sessions when the Analysts report to thier Funds the developments and what this means. Money is going to flow into S Equity at record levels.

        Check your L3 Quote on S when you are doing the DD, you always get a better view of a share price from L3 than from L2....LOL!

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