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  • olderdud olderdud Sep 17, 2011 8:54 AM Flag

    What you should know about Sprint & Lightdude

    Had to cut and paste these lines. They are spot on dead center. Anyone still think Hesse and Sprint are building their 4G plans around a bogus company called LightSquared? (HA)

    But, tah-dah! LightSquared said it has new equipment that will make everything work just fine and dandy. But they're not saying what the equipment is or who created it or what it does or even where it's located.

    Sprint, who signed a $9 billion deal allowing LightSquared to use their towers in exchange for cash and 4G service, is once again the redheaded stepchild sitting at the end of the Thanksgiving table. That stepchild isn't going to get the drumstick, and if the tests last too long, neither will Sprint, who needs to catch up in the high-speed wireless race.

    But LightSquared CEO Sanjib Ahuja says, "Wait, folks, wait just a minute. We can fix that." And Carlisle, who might be a little stunned after his public whipping last week, says there's not just a fix -- there's a machine, a really great machine that will fix everything. But we can't tell you what it is. Or who made it. Or if it's bigger than a shoebox but smaller than a filing cabinet. But dammit, there's a machine. LightSquared

    LightSquared says, "Go ahead and test us. Do you feel lucky? Do you, punk? Because it's not our signals that are bad. It's your GPS system." Apparently, it's not only Pee Wee Herman who says "I know you are, but what am I?" And that argument doesn't work for him, either.

    Maybe we should send a copy of this to Falcone and the FCC chairman. Even a copy to the White House.

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    • LightSquared only chance to succeed (as a flash and mirror company) was to move so fast in getting FCC approval, that no one would realize what serious damage LS LTE spectrum would do to GPS. LightSquared, the FCC and the White House all collaborated to go around standard government tests and procedures to insure public welfare and safey and instead in a rush to judgement put their personal agenda (really Falcone's personal agenda) before common sense and the safety of all Americans.

      Normally the FCC internal testing department - FCC international (you know the ones with technicial engineers) would of studied Lightsquared impact on GPS and reported back to FCC brass and Congress. But the FCC Chairman short-circuited that process (intentionally) so his engineer staff would not see the serious impact LightSquared has on GPS.

      Congress is going to turn over every ugly stone now and find corruption at high levels within the FCC and most likely the White House. Believe me things will get a lot worse for the FCC before they get better. And this bogus under the table deal might leave Obama as a one term president.

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