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  • jimmmeycrackcorn jimmmeycrackcorn Oct 9, 2011 1:02 PM Flag

    Remember when S paid off the revolver with $1b?

    Now the company announced they may tap into it for $900m - may - maybe raise capital through stock dilution, may borrow money (interest rates very cheap), they may need capital, may not.

    And so investors decided to sell on this (may) news, driving the stock once again to very cheap prices.

    The investors are dummies.


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    • i really think it was more the sophomoric behavior exhibited by the sprint execs on friday..if someone asking questions doesn't have their facts right then as an exec you explain what the facts are and make your don't say "get your facts right next time" and "were done"..clearly some changes need to be made in mgmt

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      • I just don't see how Sprint execs were so unprepared for that meeting. Why hold it?

      • If Sprint gave every little detail in the meeting then wall street would hold them to it. So if Sprint stated they would make 5 billion dollars for example and then only made 4.5 billion the stock would get hammered. All would be lost the fact that Sprint made money. 4.5 Billion. This has happened before in the cellular industry. It is near impossible to give exact details about the future. And this whole business about what Sprint pays for the iphone is a non issue. All the carriers pay for the phones and make the money back through the service. I read some posts on this board that say Sprint will struggle because they have the iphone. As if buying them from Apple was a mistake. Complete and utter non sense. Wall street doesn't understand cellular, cost to acquire, Rpu, etc. All Wall Street needs to know is that Sprint will turn around their business by selling the iphone 4 with the unlimited data plan. This is the huge news. They will save customers and gain market share. They will take customers from AT@T. Just ask AT@T customers if they are happy with their service and capped plans. You will find many are not. This is what Sprint is betting on. Even on their websight they advertize that they don't give you a measly 2 GB of data. Sprint will report quarterly earnings and I am sure they want to surprise estimates.

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