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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Oct 10, 2011 5:40 PM Flag

    Sprint Is Now in a Irreversable Vortex

    "Sprint is playing catch up, with half the spectrum of AT&T and VZW, a fraction
    of the scale and much fewer financial resources to remedy the situation. Even
    after the announcement today, the gap between Sprint and Verizon/AT&T in the
    4G world will be dramatically larger than the existing 3G gap. This bodes poorly
    for subscriber growth as the market shifts to 4G. It also casts doubt on Sprint’s
    ability to achieve the longer term margins it hopes to achieve"

    ... He pretty much makes my point. It's a vortex.


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    • indeed, Mr. Spok, but at the same time, it is effecting clwr...

      hoping clwr can do "the other options" discussed earlier.

      what say you.


      • 1 Reply to flyinggoos
      • ... assets that are upgradable for barely 7% the cost of network vision.

        Now that it looks like Hesse is gambling on bleeding Clearwire to death, I believe he has greatly underestimated the liklihood that Clearwire will start behaving like it has nothing to lose...

        ... and that is very dangerous for sprint since the value of Clearwire's assets net of the company's debt is many, many times the market value of the company's stock.

        Look for Clearwire to fight fire with fire... only one shoe has dropped in this saga... they're both dependent on each other... ALL of sprint's recent net subscriber growth has come from clearwire's network and for sprint to try to replace that growth with expensive Iphone handsets that will mostly be sold to existing sprint subscribers.......



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