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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Oct 24, 2011 6:30 PM Flag

    Clearwire: 1.9m new subs; VZ: 1.3m

    ... and clearwire has gained substantially more than sprint. Since the vast majority of Clearwire subs are sprint wholesale subs, it's accurate to say that the difference between sprint's net new and clearwire's net new roughly accounts for the number of existing sprint subs that upgraded to WiMax.

    The big question is, if Clearwire's network didn't exist, where would all of sprint's existing subs that were yearning for a 4G solution have ended up?...

    ... somewhere other than sprint, that's where.

    Clearwire hasn't just been a modest growth engine for sprint... I think they've been even more of a subscriber retention tool than a growth engine... and tne numbers support that notion.

    Sorry to see that you're resorting to name calling that would be more appropriately applied to Dan Hesse. You're not a moron, and neither am I...

    ... but Dan Hesse is a certified Lunatic.


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    • hesse_takes_it_in_the_spectrum hesse_takes_it_in_the_spectrum Oct 24, 2011 7:13 PM Flag

      Well Spok, I upgraded to an EPIC and my wife to an EVO because it was the best phone choice...Did I mention I am in Charlotte with a 4G sional but choose to disable 4G....Also many EVO and EPIC owners DON'T have 4G in their area...


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      • ... major cities where it's capacity and 2.5 ghz spectrum is most optimized. It serves about 132 million subs in the most densely populated geographies.

        You're right... many EVO and EPIC owners aren't in 4G service areas. The suburbs that Clearwire has launched are those with the highest concentrations of out-of-market 4G enabled handsets but given their focus on cost cuts and only the most optimal capital expenditures, there are few new launches pending a deal to launch an overlay of LTE-Advanced on their network.

        Clearwire has a test signal in my city but hasn't launched. I'm holding out until it's available but may go with HSPA+ if Sprint/CLWR doesn't make WiMax available here soon...

        ... I have no interest in Sprint's I-phone on what is becoming a bogged-down 3G network. Like AT&T, sprint is not ready for the I-phone load with their skimpy spectrum. Except for brisk sales of the $650 I-phones for $149, the actual service for the I-phones is starting to look like as much of a disaster as Sprint's lack of a breakout of the cost/benefit of I-phone at their Oct. 7th presentation.

        Sprint's Chairman has apologized to America for Dan Hesse's monumental screw up of that presentation but Dan Hesse hasn't been fired yet.

        He should have been fired a week ago.


      • roel67 Oct 25, 2011 11:52 PM Flag to funny. You turned of your 4g option on your phone? "OOOOO you showed them!"....Hahahahahahaha

      • I have an EVO and no 4G for hundreds of miles. It does not cost me any more to get an EVO as compared to some other premium phone.

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