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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Oct 26, 2011 2:13 PM Flag

    VZ & Sprint 4G: The Games CEO's Play

    So now we have it... everybody's smug about it except Clearwire... who trumpeted it.

    Verizon added 1.3 million, net-new subscribers in Q3 but they havn't broken out their 4G subs. Why not, you ask?... simple... it's embarassing.

    Sprint added 1.3 million net new subs too but they too havn't broken out their 4G portion. Why not, you ask?... simple... it's embarassing.

    Meanwhile, scrawny little Clearwire corp. is screaming at the top of it's lungs... they signed 1.9 million net-new subs and all they DO is 4G.

    Now, we all know that 90% of Clearwire's wholesale business is Sprint... so, it follows purely by association that sprint added a truckload of 4G subscribers... very likely MORE than the 1.3 million "total" net-new that they did.

    Given that Dan Hesse hates his subsidiary (clearwire), he's darn well NOT going to give any credit to the obvious fact that Clearwire's his one growth engine and, until today anyway, he threw that scrawny little subsidiary under a danm BUS...

    ... HECK NO, he's not going to break out 1.6 million net-new WiMax subs from his 1.3 million total net new because he's out there telling everyone that WiMax SUCKS.

    Verizon's embarassment is more simple to see. Their LTE is faster than Clearwire's, serves more POPs that Clearwire's, has more devices than Clearwire's and is far more heavily advertised than Clearwire's...

    ... and clearwire's 1.9 million new subs mops up the floor with Verizon... WHY?

    Simple. Clearwire's service is "unlimited" and most people's main reason for GOING with 4G is because they're data hogs and don't mind giving up a few megabits of speed to get their 10 gigahertz monthly fix, THAT's why.

    So, true to form, Dan Hesse announces a week ago that he's CANCELLING unlimited WiMax service for all devices except smart phones... EGAD!

    Now, we've got James Nance out there smacking the cr@p out of Dan Hesse in the woodshed and Dan Hesse reluctantly telling today's conference call that maybe he IS going to save sprint a bunch of money and supercharge sprint with superior technology and actually WORK with Clearwire for a change.

    Again, Thank you, James Nance.

    At least SOMEBODY in the sprint executive suite has read the story...

    ... David and Goliath.


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    • Welcome to the game.

      Hesse and the gang are SANDBAGGING Sprint.


      Figure it out.

      ATT AND TMOBILE Merger.

      They look too strong and it goes through. They look weak and it doesnt, which is better in the long run for Sprint to challenge the big two.

      Think about it: Read the conference call. All the positivity in iphone sales and numbers are being held back. Credit with vendors abounds in billions. Hesse is restricting info to keep the merge dead. Figure it out, son.

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      • job of "pretending to be pathetic".

      • Sprint's endless quarterly losses and 20th century infrastructure speaks volumes to the DOJ and courts about sprint's ability to compete with a combined AT&T and T-Mobile...

        ... they don't need to take a dive to make that point.

        What sprint needs to do is work with and play well with others that can actually HELP sprint do more with less by sharing resources. Clearwire has resources that can reduce sprint's cost of LTE and Network Vision by $2 billion and crank up 10 times the speed with LTE-Advanced on virtually unlimited spectrum to boot.

        The biggest no-brainer in Sprint's options with LTE was Clearwire... which is why the analyst's all gasped when Dangerous Dan Hesse essentially threw Clearwire under the bus in the October 7th circus.

        At least he's talking less like a Lunatic today at the conference call but I think Sprint's board had to drag Dangerous Dan kicking and screaming to a realization that he can't be out there throwing his weight around and gambling with the company.

        James Nance should be the CEO, not Dan Hesse.


    • the only question is what goes bankrupt first.

      I still do not like clearwire - too many holes in coverage. I looked at the Bay area coverage map - not adequate for me.

      I prefer to buy Sprint bonds.

      Clearwire could actually survive a Sprint bankruptcy if there is any value in their network.

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      • I beleive id rather bet on vegas before id bet on Dan Hesse!


        That Dangerous Dan Hesse could have ever gotten involved with Falcone is as much a reflection of Hesse's judgement as it is Falcone's...

        ... and it cost Sprint many, many months of valuable time while Verizon has been rolling out LTE at lightning speed.

        If Sprint had gone with Clearwire's 100-megabit, LTE-Advanced last winter, they'd be LAUNCHING it by now.


      • ... last winter when he was thinking clearly. He clearly knew at that time that combining resources with as many as a dozen, "david" companies could allow the davids to compete with the "goliaths" (eg: VZ & AT&T).

        After that, Hesse started playing games... GAMBLING games.

        The vaguely "win-win" aspect of the Lightsquared deal was just that... two, "barely" wins. The upshot of the Lightsquared deal is that it WASTED A LOT OF VALUABLE TIME.

        $600 million into Clearwire last February would have the first 40 million POPS of LTE-Advanced lighting up NEXT WEEK.

        Think, for a moment, what that MEANS. RIGHT NOW, Clearwire is chalking up 1.9 million net, new 3rd quarter WiMax subscribers to 1.3 million TOTAL Verizon subscribers. The ONLY, fathomable reason is because that WiMax is "unlimited" 4G.

        So what are those WiMax data hogs going to think if they can do their unlimited, 4G surfing at (conservatively) 80 megabit speed on LTE-Advanced with fat, sprint/clearwire spectrum channels instead of doing it at 4 megabit speed like WiMax currently delivers...


        Clearwire LTE-Advanced has spent the last 9 months as a 2,000 Horsepower, Top Fuel, Network Dragster just SITTING THERE with NO FUEL...

        ... while Dan Hesse played his games and Verizon put more and more distance between him and and semblence of success.

        Now the question is: Will Dan Hesse get off his duff, fuel up that dragster, and LEAPFROG Verizon with what we now know is a PROVEN, Clearwire formula.

        Hopefully, he can READ all these Q3 reports and sober up enough to ACT for a change.


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