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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Nov 3, 2011 8:07 PM Flag

    FCC/Lightsquared Stonewall's Senator Grassley

    Both Lightsquared's CEO (Falcone) and the FCC have told the Ranking Senate Judiciary member, Charles Grassley...

    ... to take a flying leap.

    That was in response to an inquiry into e-mail communications between Falcone and the FCC to determine the degree to which Falcone paid off government officials to ram thru his approval of his Satellite spectrum bands for his service.

    As we know, Dangerous Dan Hesse cut a deal with that guy to host that spectrum.

    dangerous Dan would probably cut a deal with Al Capone if he were still alive...

    ... ANYTHING to avoid working with Craig McCaw to vastly improve sprint coverage/performance and save $3 billion, right?


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    • ... I could be convinced that the company could adopt a strategy that would avoid what appears to be a developing "financial vortex".

      The problem for sprint is similar to the problem in euro countries. Sprint's debt will balloon from under $20 billion to well over $25 billion over the next 2 years and downgrades to their credit rating means that existing debt at 6 to 7% interest will need to be rolled over at rates that could exceed 12%. That's a boat anchor that sprint's competition doesn't have and in a utility-like, narrow-margined business like this, that's a financial vortex that will be difficult for sprint to escape short of a buyout.

      That's why the Clearwire thing is so baffling. Sprint contributed $billions to build an all-digital, all-IP, nicely backhauled, 2010-vintage network at Clearwire that serves 133 million POPs with 23% of the spectrum that's licensed for wireless internet/telephony in the U.S...

      ... the idea that Dangerous Dan would gamble with that instead of exploiting that is absolutely baffling... the guy's decisions on that have been pure lunacy and it appears to be taking all the resources that sprint's board can muster just to drag Dangerous Dan back to a constructive approach.


    • Verizon is the 9th largest contributor to Senator Grassley since 2007. Follow the money.

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      • ... who use GPS.

        Lightsquared's biggest problem is that GPS has millions of constituents and big safety concerns.
        Even if Falcone could show that his transmissions can eliminate 98% of the interference on GPS...

        ... opponents would still argue that the other 2% could bring down the commercial jet that somebody's Grandmother is riding on.


    • Your rants are getting old and no one is buying your stories. Sprint will attempt to maximize value for Sprint-Nextel stakeholders.

      Grassley - most of the time I wonder whether he works for China or the USA.

    • Hesse knows exactly what he is doing , apparently you clwr longs are a little confused. As far as the senator goes he is old news and soon to retire. Crooked politician just looking for a little stew on his way out .Don't fight the administration for it is a losing battle.

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      • ... what he is doing.

        He is very much aware that his handling of Clearwire represents a huge risk to Sprint.

        Yes, there is a chance that such risk taking could pay off but for Sprint to pay $2 to $3 billion extra on Network Vision just to REPLICATE what Clearwire already has in place rather than contribute to the mere $600 million Clearwire needs to do the job would be PURE LUNACY...

        ... especially since that $600 million at Clearwire would buy 100 megabit LTE-Advanced speeds and the $2 to $3 billion spent replicating that infrastructure would run at 1/10 that speed.

        If Dan Hesse ever thought forcing a Clearwire bankruptcy was an option, sure... it could work... but not without huge risk and potential disruption. For Dangerous Dan to take a fragile company like sprint and take such risks when the opportunity is there for Dan or a replacement for Dan to work with Clearwire for common benefit can only be described one way...

        ... pure LUNACY.


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