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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Nov 9, 2011 2:25 PM Flag

    Sprint & Verizon: Hesse's Opposite Strategy

    In the 3rd quarter, Clearwire added 1.9 million net-new subscribers (the vast majority were sprint 4G subscribers). Verizon added just 1.3 million.

    Clearwire's 4G service was inferior to Verizon's in "almost" every way... slower, fewer devices, fewer advertisements, not LTE, etc...

    ... except one. Clearwire's (via sprint) was unlimited and unthrottled.

    So, a few weeks ago, Dan Hesse announces that he's going to curtail unlimited 4G speeds on all 4G devices except phone handsets...

    ... and today, we're seeing a bloomberg article (sprint yahoo news) that says Verizon's doubling their data for the same price.

    This is soooo hard to believe. Has Dan Hesse gone totally NUTS?

    Does he even HAVE a market intelligence department down there in Kansas City?

    WHY is this guy still the CEO... how many more gaffes like this will we have to endure?


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    • I see your still licking your wounds,,,sounds like your perspective on the CLWR board is no longer wanted!!


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      • Clearwire is 54% owned by Sprint and has 2010-vintage infrastructure and spectrum in place that can save sprint $billions in it's upgrade project.

        Sprint's best course to success is to follow a path that produces, as a byproduct, Clearwire's success.

        Looking back over the past year, everything that sprint has done to oppose Clearwire has hurt sprint... and everything sprint has done to leverage what's already built and available at Clearwire, has helped sprint.

        I want sprint to succeed because I know that the best way for sprint to succeed also leads to Clearwire's success.

        Instead of just calling me names and hitting "post message", why don't you offer us up some examples of how sprint has HELPED itself by dissing Clearwire.


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