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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Nov 21, 2011 12:38 PM Flag

    Sprint's wholesale customers?

    ... and was always defined as such. GPS never had a reason to believe that adjacent satellite spectrum would ever pose an interferance problem.

    Lightsquared's honcho, Phil Falcone, bought that spectrum for 1/10 what he would have paid for legitimate wireless spectrum then set about paying off officials with the express intent of changing the rules and bullying his way past GPS to use that spectrum for terrestrial wireless even though the ENTIRE GPS INDUSTRY built their systems on the legitimate assumption that a neighboring, satellite spectrum band would never be blasting out signals at thousands of times more power than what it was designed for.

    I think Falcone's Lightsquared venture should be shut down on the basis of principle ALONE... the biggest problem with America is people like him who use political activism for personal gain.


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    • TR can stand on his soapbox about spectrum encroachment all he wants. LS2 is trying to change intended use of the spectrum. He's philosophically correct but real world wrong. At the end of the day, LS2 changed the spectrum's intended use and power levels. So, in this case the cost to the many, out weights the harm to the one.

      The other thing TR misses is the way Hesse botched the whole "CLWR vs LS2" concept. Instead of framing LS2 as part of the team, Hesse framed it as "Team Sprint & LS2"... with CLWR placed on waivers. Hesse bashed his partner, CLWR to the detriment of both as the investment world rejected Hesse vision by selling 550 million shares of S.

      I still don't get how a CEO can bash a company that he owns 54% of? Leaving customers guessing how their WiMax and 4g will be supported? Hesse is losing $ billions to make millions via a $290 million payment from LS2 when they fail to meet a deadline Dec 31 ... all while lauding a multi-billion dollar build out of a network that will be obsolete when its finished... instead of working with CLWR which would have a much lower cost, for a much better network.

      If S doesn't want to buy CLWR outright, public support would at least embolden other CLWR partners that would invest in CLWR if the going concern risk was taken off the table. That seems like a win-win. Bashing CLWR in favor of LS2 just seems ludicrous.

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