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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Nov 21, 2011 11:23 AM Flag

    Sprint Will Need 2 Things To Be Successful

    1) They have to modernize and lower the cost of their existing network.. eg: Network Vision.

    2) They have to offer a unique solution that gives them a clear competitive advantage.

    Sprint currently does almost nothing that the other 3 nationwide carriers currently cannot collectively trump except to offer the unlimited data plans. Even THAT has been compromised with an asterisk that screams "EXCEPTIONS" now that Hesse has limited unlimited 4G service to handsets only.

    Network Vision will address the cost/efficiency issue but NOT the competitive issue. Sprint's FD-LTE solution will, at best, only MATCH the performance of VZ and AT&T's LTE and it will do that almost 2 years after VZ launched it. Success with FD-LTE also relies on sprint freeing up sufficient spectrum and on the "assumption" that Verizon will simply stand still with their technology and performance while sprint catches up.

    Sprint needs a winner... something it can trumpet as "superior" to the competition. To say to prospects that sprint's network will give them a 10-fold performance increase each day when they drive from their home to their office would be such a differentiator... much as blackberry's superior network security appealed to such "business-people" in the last decade. Launching Clearwire's TDD-LTE solution for 133 million, metro-area POPS at 100-megabit speed would be such a "differentiator".

    Although TDD at Clearwire is not a complete, nationwide solution, it would offer potential partners a major piece of a full package and give 133 million POPs a significant reason to choose Sprint over Verizon. MetroPCS has only operated in select, metro locations but has been successful simply because optimizing their niche and offering their subs a differentiating advantage over the bigs has brought in the business...

    ... just as "unlimited", 4G has reeled in subs at a rate of 1.5 to 1.9 million net-new at CLWR even as VZ offers superior performance.

    Sprint can't win against the bigs with cost-cuts and a "me-too", johnny-come-lately solution... history is REPLETE with examples of the falacy of such thinking.


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    • i don't disagree, but they are being strangled by debt and falling market share...i think they need to file bankruptcy, get rid of the debt, sell some assets and merge with somebody...of course current stockholders are pretty much s c r ewed.

    • ... that was a quote by Dan Hesse in what is widely regarded as one of the most botched analyst meetings in corporate history (on oct. 7th).

      Following that meeting, James Hance, Sprint's Chairman, has apologized profusely for Dan Hesse's behavior at that meeting...

      ... and subsequent to Mr. Hance's reprimand of him, Dan Hesse has since announced a pending wholesale agreement with Clearwire and there has been no further talk of Sprint favoring a Clearwire BK.

      Thanks for your input, frst_gen... but your point was only valid for a short period of time immediately following the October 7th circus.


    • Bingo!. Perfect analysis.

    • Sprint said it could benefit from a Clearwire bankruptcy...So, clearwire responds by saying-okay we may do just that, lets find out how this benefits you...

    • ... they are the same rates that were established in the Sprint/Clearwire wholesale agreement last march. As Sprint's WiMax volume increases, so do the dollars paid to Clearwire, but the rate per gig remains the same.

      Regarding Clearwire's "constant need for more money"... the company reduced it negative EBITDA from $108 million in Q2 to $46 million in Q3 and would have either maintained or moved-up it's EBITDA-positive target date of next March if not for uncertainty stemming from Sprint's retraction of unlimited WiMax plans on devices other than handsets.
      Clearwire's net-new subscriber count of 1.9 million also led the entire industry during a quarter when most of the industry's net-new was diminished due to the impending announcement of a new I-Phone.

      Still, Clearwire moved it's cash-depletion date from next July to next November as a result of it's stellar 3rd quarter results and Sprint's broadsides against Clearwire this fall have occurred at a critical time for Clearwire's march toward profitability...

      ... eg: Clearwire has been marching down the football field toward the goal line and had a first and 10 inside the red zone. It's not a good thing when one of our teams own coaches (Hesse) ends up delivering an un-sportsman-like 15-yard penalty at a time like this.


    • ... as I've enjoyed our discourse and your points are usually well-reasoned.

      Good luck to you, sir.


    • Do they really have a choice? AT&T is all but dead and Lightsquares never really had a chance-

      Saw bristled when compared with LightSquared pointing out that the company is not only in a fight with the GPS industry over interference, but it also doesn’t have a network. “It’s hard to speculate about LightSquared. It has zero spectrum and no network, and even if they, by some miracle, get their lower 10 MHz approved, that’s a very thin network compared to having 160 MHz in the top 100 markets,” Saw said.

    • when Hesse announced he was going with LS2 voodoo network and a $10 billion build out of Sprint's own network rather than go with CLWR and a TD-LTE network, at cost of around $1 billion? A 550,000,000 million share sell off in Sprint's stock in 2 days noticed... They noticed Hesse's Vision Plan needed a seeing eye dog. They noticed it would be cheaper to buy the other 1/2 of CLWR rather proceed with the debacle Dan is creating. What don't you see in Dan's leadership resulting in an 80% drop in Sprint's value. What I don't understand is how Dan still has a job.

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Keeping Dan matches that definition...

    • Congratulations BJ, you made it to my iggy list


    • it's saddening to know that all can be well for everyone and shareholders just by the change of "though" of a few people, yet it is not.

      shareholders have to take this financial pain all because a few idiots cannot see the obvious.

      it's sad.

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