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  • no_deal_lightsquared no_deal_lightsquared Dec 23, 2011 3:51 PM Flag

    No buyout. Stupid pumper tactic.


    Protect you capital folks and drive safe this weekend. Don't text and drive.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • in theory someone might be willing to buy sprint for the debt plus a dollar or two to the current theory...i would think t mobile would benefit, but the germans seem to want out of america and not just a bigger investment..and sprint cannot afford t they need a non cell phone company who just wants to take a could happen..Sprints biggest assets are 50 mil customers, spectrum, technology, and a business that is generating positive cash flow..albeit dropping...its problem unfortunately is nextel..really sad that one move could damage a company so bad...but if i were a comcast, or some company who 50 mil cell users could benefit I might take a gamble..but but needs to come soon...but as i have said over and over i really think bk is the best option unless somebody will roll the dice and layout maybe 30-40 bil..and the lower range means maybe 4 or 5 dollars to current stockholders..but i really think given the uncertainty i bet no one is in a hurry.

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      • Nextel was NEVER the problem....The timing of the deal was...

        After deal, Sprint did nothing to try and make Nextel a viable wing...They offered crappy handsets at high costs...They did not keep up the network and customer service always treated Nextel customers different and tried to get them to switch to Sprint ALL THE TIME...

        Sprint built a scapegoat and has been riding it(excuse) for years....

        Only the less knowledgable don't get this...


    • No bk, stupid basher tatic.

      don't post and drink.

    • Spamming nonsense will never give you a name here. I know you want the priveledge of knowing you matter, but you don't. At least JUG's tries to post factual information.

      You just spew a bunch of nonsense. You can't 'PUMP' Sprint Stock... There's wayyyy too much out there for ANY of us to come close to mattering here.

      I have to ask seriously: Why do you waste so much of your life here? I mean there are so many other things you can enjoy during your lifetime than doing this. You are here ALL DAY, EVERYDAY and for what? nothing really when its all said and done.

      Happy Holidays man, give it a rest...

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