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  • ahh_chew ahh_chew Aug 23, 2012 7:49 PM Flag

    Cramer say good price for Sprint is $4.00

    everyone can turn on TV and see what Cramer said.....he say $4.00 is best price for Sprint.

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    • What he said was this: "I am a complete idiot and clown. I failed miserably by not recommending Sprint to you, my loyal trailer trash followers, at $2. I now intend to further demonstrate my cluelessness by now telling you to enter at the current price and in the same breath tell you that $4 is a good time to get in. I have a losing track record that has been well documented and this is why you should follow me and place your unyielding loyalty to my TV show. Fact is, I don't know anything! I know nothing! Watch, let me do a dance for you.....See that means buy in the AH and sell, sell, sell 10 minutes later. Lost money? Here, let me give you some sound effects. Is that better? Now you are a genius like me. Stick with me! Buy PCX! Sell AAPL! Buy,,,,,,Sell....Buy.....Selll. Jump off a cliff. Cut your throat. Bite me! You are all idiots. Stay with CRAMERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

      That's what he actually said.....

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