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  • sprint_turnaround sprint_turnaround Oct 2, 2012 12:58 PM Flag

    really is amazing (comical) on how the big boys try to plunge a stock

    RJ could smell the stock was stalling around 5.50 - 5.65 range then they issued a bogus downgrade. It was effective to drive the stock down 6% the other day. That wasn't enough as today NON NEWS event but a rehashed rumor piece put out by hedge fund(s) spread by the credible media "bloomberg" of PCS being pursued by Tmobile to drive the stock price down another 5%.

    bottom line - 11% plunge in just two days on FUD

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    • hilarious part on RJ - justification of the downgrade was "S went up to fast too quickly"

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      • I am buying again as it jumps around to find a new bottom. Started positions couple months ago, and moved out on the last jump up. I was happy to move out and wait and see attitude.
        Now, this is a buy again after the air clears on the PCS rumor. I figure I will stay with this turn around story as overall, it seems that Wall St is figuring it is going to $7 eventually, even if it takes some time, a few months even. So, don't lose sight of the long term story if Wall St is really going to keep this moving to $7. Hope everybody does good here.

        Sentiment: Buy

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